Having issues with touchpad

I installed Manjaro after after the mice and pointing device suddenly disappeared on windows 10. I tried to reinstall synaptics, but it didn't still work.

Now i am having the same issue with manjaro xfce-20. When i first installed the touchpad was working erratically. Sometimes it will just stop working. I reinstalled, used the terminal to reinstall synaptics, but still didn't work. After a while i decided to check again the pointing device in settings. I found out that synaptics was also gone - it was there before - only my wireless mouse was listed.

I don't know how to resolve this issue.
I use toshiba L850.

Works now - I have the ps/2 synaptics back when i used the fallback build on boot up, but its works very slowly and I can't double click on something with it. I can only use the touch pad buttons to do that.

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