Having trouble bootstrapping from Manjaro to Arch :(

Hi, I am trying to run an Arch system from Manjaro to try building my system from scratch... I followed all the steps in the wiki and the official readme to bootstrap... setting up chroot, running and unpacking the file in tmp. However, at the last step after populate archlinux, I can't mount the Destination Partition under /mnt because the partition is in use. I can't unmount it either, and can't overwrite the partition because I currently am running one partition (sda1 and sda2 is swap).

Please help!!! I have been struggling with this for endless hours. I feel as if I'm missing something horribly simple, but I'm not sure what.

Thank you

What does this mean? Either you are running Arch or Manjaro. Manjaro is not Arch.

If you want to run Arch then follow the install instructions on their wiki, any questions post them on the Arch Newbies forum board.

If you want to run Manjaro then install via Calmares or Manjaro-Architect from a bootable live Manjaro ISO.

Best way to do this IMO for a Manjaro system is to use manjaro-architect, choose a cli Manjaro system (ie no GUI), then manually build it by installing and configuring the packages you wish.

Manjaro-Architect also allows you to build a custom system, which provides fine grained detail over what is installed (ie you can install individual barebone DEs without Manjaro integration), which gives users with a little more knowledge greater installation control.


@miafp: so you try to install Arch based on this guide and now struggle to complete it?

none of these commands ,

" exit or pressing Ctrl+D
Optionally manually unmount all the partitions with umount -R /mnt"

works ?

If you want to install arch linux from running manjaro installation, it is important to first set mirrors to arch mirrors. And after you want to restore the manjaro mirrorlist with pacman-mirrors. It is important not to mix the two.

What do you mean exactly? Are you trying to replace your existing manjaro system with arch and do this from the running manjaro installation? That is not going to work. Either install arch from live system or install it somewhere else from your manjaro system.

Yes, I'm sorry I misworded when I said "running Arch from Manjaro" - I'm trying to entirely replace my Manjaro distro with Arch. I even burned a live Arch usb with the downloadable ISO but can't get this computer to boot from it.

The best place to ask about the Arch installer is the Arch forum.

Try it - you might like it. :slight_smile:

How would I go about repartitioning my drives or creating a separate location to install arch? Unfortunately when I installed Manjaro I had it overwrite my entire hard drive and didn't multi-partition. I followed the partition instructions in the Arch wiki, however, I keep running into a roadblock trying to change anything about the drive. I've been having trouble trying to live boot from the ISO burned onto a usb as well...

Shrinking partitions is a risky business, make a backup image first as data loss could well result.

If you want a separate partition for another distro you may have to repartition your drive if you have issues shrinking your current setup.


If you still have the Manjaro install media you could do your repartitioning from there. Booting Arch is not an issue here so maybe you can check if the ISO was not corrupted, or try another method to write it onto USB ...

Thank you guys so much!! I think I misencoded my usb drive (bios/uefi sysem needed), also ah stupidly I didn't think to reboot from my Manjaro installation usb. I'll hop over to the Arch forums (I heard they are pretty unforgiving towards dumb/newb questions though so I've been a bit careful about trying every option out before posting in forums)... Thanks again~~ :smiley: :heart: :anger:

We are not unforgiving in the Arch Forums at all. We do expect you to do your homework and not post questions whose answers are easily/readily found in the Arch Wiki. We expect you to abide by the Forum Rules. Hand-holding is not allowed, nor is being a Help Vampire.

But we're not nearly as entertaining as the Manjaro Forums. :smiley:

By the way, quite a number of Archers have gotten their start in Arch right here in Manjaroland. And quite a number of us run both distributions (but not on the same machine :wink: ). :smiley:



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