Having trouble creating a bootable USB with a Win 10 iso.

I'm trying to boot windows alongside manjaro and I'm having trouble when trying to create a usb to boot from. I don't think it's a hardware problem as I have booted from USB many times, but the first time I created the usb it wouldn't boot to it, and after redoing it, it will boot to the usb but there will just be a blinking cursor. I followed this guide and used an iso file from microsofts website.
I'm sure I'm just being stupid so thank you in advance.

Not at all. Windows ISO can be a pain to create on a Linux system. Please see if this guide can help you.

Or if you would like it more visual...


Thank you! I've followed the guide to the next to last step but when I try to unmount ~/winiso it says the target is busy. Nothing is open on my pc except for chrome and the terminal, so I'm not sure what to do. Not wanting to risk doing something wrong and be forced to follow the whole process again.

Try to eject the media via the taskbar icon.

Still says target is busy. :-/

whoops im dumb and figured it out. had to cd out of ~/winiso

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if you make the usb bootable in gparted with just a tick, a symple dd if of command will do the trick.

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