Headset in AUR

Hi, after hours spending to Kaku (Youtube streaming app) work on Fedora and Manjaro I give up and find something better. App is named Headset and I convert deb package with archalien to arch package. It is fast, great looking and works perfect on Manjaro. I put package on my google drive:
Headset arch package

Maybe someone will add this great app to AUR repository?

And the package kaku-bin in the AUR--what is that?


so where is this Headset homepage?

@c00ter kaku-bin is that first app I tried but don't work for a long time. Now after some updates it works I think but I find headset and love it :slight_smile:
@Lolix that's homepage:http://headsetapp.co/

I remember I had seen it in the list of music players on Electron apps two month ago when it was only for macOS

I have made a pkgbuild in my github, will put it under scrutiny and in the aur soon


Great, thank You.

It is avaible in the AUR since some days

yaourt -S headset-bin

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Thanks one more time :smiley:

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Headset seems like a nice little program I might have try it out myself. Glad I came across thsi thread

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