hello guys....

if i install simple manjaro version with gnome, can i update it with kde and architect later?

It does not make sense
Manjaro Gnome will install you full system with Gnome DE you can then install KDE
Architect is installer by itsown it installs what you choose gnome or kde or both or other DE.

ohk, thats great, thank you...

Mixing DEs and running them under the same username can end up with issues. Once a second DE is installed, some services from both will run regardless the DE you log into, hence making the system use more resources for no actual benefit.

That is true mixing gtk and qt is not good for gtk :slight_smile:

yes. the system must work i need the tools.

otherwise kernel must call strike :sleepy:

I do not know if you have experience with those, make it simple, KDE is customizable very well, everything, Gnome is limited in customization.

ok. what are the actual benefits of architect?? from what i understand you get software to support technical design?

Architect is what its name stands for, you build your own system based on Manjaro repo.

i have basic experience. enough to know what to learn ... :wink:

oh so not meaning architect like designing a building etc?..

mmm... then i dont need it actually

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