Help a total newb to install Manjaro XFCE

Hi guys!
I'm totally new to Manjaro. On My HP 635 Laptop I already have Win 10 and Linux Mint 18.3 installed (multi boot), and have one more free partition for Manjaro XFCE (I would really like to try it).
After selecting all the locales, drivers (free/non free), etc. the install just hangs in text mode (trouble with syncing, error with HDD0, something like that).

The error starts with:

1.127279 Kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : Unable to mount root fw on unknown block(0,0)
1.137408 CPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 4.14.39-1-MANJARO #1
1.1.37455 Hardware name: Hewlwtt-Packard HP 635 Notebook PC /3577, BIOS F.43 12/13/2011
1.137505 Call Trace:
1.137561 dump stack+0x5c/0x85
1.137608 panic+0xe4/0x252
1.137656 mount_block_root+0x27f/0x2e0
1.137703 ? set debug_rodata+0x11/0x11
1.137749 prepare_namespace+0x130/0x166
1.137794 kernel_init_freeable+0x1e7/0x1f9
1.137841 ? rest_init+0xd0=/0xd0
1.137886 kernel_init+0xa/0xf7
1.137931 ret_from_fork+0x22/0x40
1.138024 Kernel Offset: 0x13000000 from 0xffffffff81000000 (relocation range: 0xffffffff80000000-0xffffffffbfffffff)
1.138079 ---end kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

Please help!
P.S. Remeber I'm a total newb...

Don't multipost, thanks, you can edit what have you written before

Did you write all this on a secondary computer?

It is not obvious if one is not a kernel developer - what is going on.

But two things comes to mind:

  1. Did you shut down Windows completely? no fastboot, no hibernation.
  2. Did you disable secure boot in bios?

Sorry! Won't happen again!

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Yes, I've turned off the computer before trying to install Manjaro.
Not sure about the secure boot, never had similar problems before with other distros...

We will bear with you - and your Linux journey starts somewhere but I must admit that Manjaro and other Arch based distro's is not the best starting point.

You will be better off by using one of the Ubuntu based distro's - like Linux Mint or Linux Lite - until you have a clear understanding of the Linux system, configurations, services etc.

Even though - with Windows 10 and some of the features you cannot be sure. Some Windows 10 featues leaves the filesystem tainted and creates problems while trying to load other systems.

That might be so - but Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives tries to circumvent the secure boot settings in an attempt to comply. Manjaro does not - secure boot must be disabled in bios.

That said - it could also be an indication of an approaching hardware failure - though it is hard to say.

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To be totally honest I'm sick and tired of Microsoft and only want to find a decent replacement for Windows as a desktop OS. I've been using Linux Mint since version 17.1 and am satisfied, but I wanted to try Manjaro 'cause I've read a lot of good things about it. I would like to give it a go at Manjaro for several reasons... For example ARU, PPAs in Mint are iving me a headache, and so on... Please have patience and try to help... Maybe one day I will become proficient at Linux, and I'm sure that would make you proud!

Here is a photo of the error.

I read you - loud and clear :slight_smile: and Linux Mint is a good choice :wink:

Still - it is next to impossible to suggest anything from the errors you are getting.

Steps to ensure success

  1. Make sure that my downloaded ISO file passes the sha256sum your-iso-file.iso comparison against the checksum found in the download location.
  2. If that check passes, I will recreate the bootable media.
  3. I will do so is using Linux Mint's USB Image Writer to write the image to a second USB stick.

Then retry booting from the second USB stick

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I've done the check. It's OK. I've flashed the ISO using Etcher in Mint 18.3. Could the error be linked with USB thumb drive? Will try another USB stick and Mint's Image writer. Thans again for the patience! :+1:

My dear friend! It worked! I flashed another USB stick using Mint's USB Image writer and IT WORKS! No problems what so ever. Installation ran as smooth as silk.

Thanks to the guys like you and to the community such as this (my problem solved in a few hours!) I will put my effort into learning more about Linux and Manjaro in particular in more than just a desktop OS!

Thank you again and kudos to you and the community for bearing with newbs like me and for sharing your knowlege and willingness to help!

Yours truly,

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As you are a newbie you didn't know that you select the post with the solution advice, not yours.
I did that for you.
And if you want to grow in Linux you should start from reading some Tutorials. Tough? :smile:

Thanks for the advice and your help. Now I know. :wink: Anyway I was answering fhdk and thanking him for the help. As I am doing right now to you.

Thanks again!


Prepend [Solved] to your original post as well. and


And yet, Manjaro's website is currently suggesting the opposite.

Manjaro is a user-friendly Linux distribution based on the independently developed Arch operating system. Developed in Austria, France, and Germany, Manjaro provides all the benefits of the Arch operating system combined with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility. Manjaro is suitable for newcomers as well as experienced Linux users.

I guess it becomes more and more urgent for Manjaro to clearly defines itself about their aimed public since this distribution is getting more and more attention. The site suggests that it is suitable for newcomers, but not everybody in the community and even among people that are highly involved in the project itself doesn't seems to agree with this and some people even recommends to newcomers that have little or no experience on Linux to go elsewhere instead.

If Manjaro is supposed not to be a good distro for newbies, it should be honest with it and clearly say it on the website.

I should have been clear that the qoute is my private opinion - not as a member of the Manjaro Team.

Manjaro is a user friendly Linux build on top of Arch Linux - with its own tools to distinguish it from Arch and derivatives. I sincerely believe Manjaro to be the best of the Arch world.

The suitable for newcomers could also be understood as being new to an Arch based distro - not being new to Linux - although it is mostly interpreted as the latter.

In the context of the OP, the error messages - which cause OP to seek forum help - is indeed advanced, more advanced than one can expect a Linux beginner to understand.

Luckily it was the boot media which needed rewriting and nothing serious.

That said - in addition to the website qoute - as a member of the Arch familiy, Manjaro still requires the user to be able to and ready to intervene at any point using a terminal.

Unlike Ubuntu and derivatives hereof - Manjaro requires commitment from the user in an ongoing process of learning and sharing - exactly as the Arch system does.

There are lots of discussions about the definition of "user" and "friendliness".
The user's expectations is one more relevant factor.
Some people believe that just buying a device should not need you to read the Manufacturer's manual, although the Manufacturer's manual always includes a Disclaimer that you should read it to expect safety, support and warranty.

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