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Manjaro Linux seems nice but honestly it’s just confusing and annoying for me. I think I will Have Linux a go another time but it isn’t right for me. But I’m trying to go back to Windows 10 right now and I really can’t. Is it possible or I’m just screwed?

What do you mean "you can't"? Does the Windows install fail? What is the error?

Well when I try to go back to the boot menu by f11 it just brings me to just Manjaro and it’s advanced menu for booting. But I have a usb that had windows 10 burned into it and I have no clue how to boot that up instead.

You need to use the Boot menu of the Bios.
And select UEFI boot sequence of Windows 10 usb stick.

If you can boot into your Manjaro, open a terminal and run the following commands:

sudo parted -l
(that is lowercase L)

efibootmgr -v

Copy/paste the output as text in your next reply and click on </> button to format.

It is a good idea to delete all existing partitions on the disc, where you want to install Windows 10.

Put it in the USB slot, then re-boot your computer. That's generally the physical steps you take.

Just like you installed Manjaro.

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