Help in understanding performance issiues in AMD GPU drivers

I'm using an AMD RX 480. Everytime I try to play a game or even just scroll a webpage - the display is laggy stuttering with terrible tearing. I've tried switching from x-server to wayland but that did not help much, AMDGPU or AMDGPU-PRO - still same issiues. To anyone who uses AMD cards how do You overcome this ?

Here are some questions to start off:

Which DE are you using?

Which kernels have you tried?

Do you have sufficient power for your system?

Is your system sufficiently cooled?

Does it work within a live environment?

Does it work with another distro's live environment, e.g. Ubuntu 18.04?

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  1. Stable
  2. 4.14 - 4.16
  3. Yes - with GPU passtrough everything works fine but in a VM
  4. Yes - It never goes beyond 70*C
  5. It would be tricky (at least for me) to test games in live but web browsers seemed to work ok
  6. I tried on arch from ground up when the leatest kernel was 4.10 - never tried on ubuntu (even if it would be the case - I want to stay on arch based distro).
  7. Thank You, I'll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Or maybe I'm missing the bigger picture - the system behaves like as if I had an mechanical hard drive. The effects are very simillar to compare - the whole system pauses for 1-2 sec and then shutters like it's reading something from an old and slow hard drive. When I paly a game for 30-40 min and revisit the same places - the is no stutter - only tearing.
Maybe the issiue lies elseware ?

Also - is there an option for adaptive/dynamic Vsync ? turning on regular Vsync creates an input lag.

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