Help installing unity editor

Hello, I have been trying to install the unity editor for several days. I've solved various errors already but now I'm stumped. At first, I thought it was because yaourt uses RAM as a temp space and it was only set to 2gb that it was just too large. I increased it to 4gb and now I just get this error:

bsdtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
==> ERROR: Failed to extract Unity.tar.xz

Every write also failed. Not really sure why this time. If you need any information beyond this please let me know as I'd really like to get this figured out.

Set your temporary directory to a directory in your home.

Which aur helper?

There are several topics with this exact issue, have you looked at them?

Unity Editor need at least 6GB of space in /tmp

In /etc/yaourtrc ...

#TMPDIR="[HDD directory with adequate space]"

I'd build such large packages with makepkg directly.

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