Help installing VirtualBox in i3 avoiding tiny guest windows

I tried installing VBox with current host modules via pamac manager then:
cd Downloads
git clone
cd virtualbox
makepkg -s

Last command failed after some time.
I reinstalled the OS, so i cannot paste the error msg i had.
Can you please share the (steb by step) way to install and fix VBox correctly, please?


Without this information any other steps are going to be pointless.

torvic's package needs to be built and installed, therefore you will need to follow the same steps again.

I suggest you work out what failed then ask about that.

Run VirtualBox VMs as full screen.

HostF - hostkey is usually Right-Ctrl

Mixing a tiling WM with VirtualBox VMs is never a good idea.

Non exhaustive idea on VB install

List your kernel(s)

mhwd-kernel -li

Install virtualbox and the relevant kernel modules (repeat the module installer for each kernel)

sudo pacman -Syu virtualbox $KERNEL-virtualbox-host-modules

Load/reload the kernel modules

sudo vboxreload

I installed virtualbox following this guide (except i used pamac manager gui instead of pamac command):

This is the error i get after launching makepkg -s:
gcc (variable CC) not found!

You don't need to use gcc to install virtualbox?

And makepkg is never mentioned in the provided wiki article.

that is the error i get when trying to:
git clone
cd virtualbox
makepkg -s

that according to previous forum discussions should be the fix.

You need to learn how to use the AUR and the packages required to build from AUR.

@torvic is a valued member of the community and I am sure this will work.

As it is not a Manjaro supported package - we cannot help you with the specifics.

You need to install base-devel if you're going to build packages.

and python2

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