Help me find a solution to get my system or at least my data back

a browser lock up. Happened to me recently with firefox many times. Other users reported that, too.

Your data will still be there, so just wait until you can get a free USB stick or an external hard drive and get the data from the live system.

Sorry that the update broke so badly! But just check how much Phil and other experts are working to get the new Mesa work with Nvidia and AMD driveres on Manjaro, 22 days, and that is just an example. [Xorg] MESA with libglvnd support


I live on a pension. little money because of a really bad divorce. so i am toast
That is why i was writing a big program using Qt. those files are backed up. so tomorrow, i will format c: and load this outdated version back in. Oh, the data is all there. I mounted the c drive. but even if i could back up the files, i will loose all of my bookmarks.

and yes firefox crashed.

Boot of a live dvd, mount the drive, email the stuff to your self using a web mail account - will only work for small stuff.

Next time use something like Dropbox and store your important files there.

@zoner: We had to push out the mesa-libgvnd update some day. We already tested a lot to avoid some issues happening. We also released new install medias with todays update included. However here is a way to fix your issue. Simple put your system was not fully updated and since the symlinks for libgl are removed no graphical application will work. That is logical and fixable.

First open a terminal with CTRL+ALT+F3. This will open tty3 for you. Log in with your root user or your normal user. With your normal user you have to add sudo before each cmd.

  • First update our keys with pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring manjaro-keyring
  • Then try to use our update script to fix issues or things missing with pacman -S manjaro-system
  • If you run a 64bit system, you may install also mesa for 32bit applications with pacman -S lib32-mesa
  • Then you may update to latest mhwd with pacman -S mhwd
  • That done a normal system update might finalize your update with pacman -Syu
  • Last step would be to reboot.

Hope this helps getting your system up and running again. Else, don't hesitate to post your issues if you still have some in more detail.


i will try those. have to write them down.

i never got to the update. firefox blew up when you updated the site. eugene-b called it a browser blowup. but i will try.

can i do this while on the dvd and use konsole or reboot

Can you get into a tty - press ctrl+alt+f2 or f3 etc, when your boot freezes. If you can do it there.

sorry, i have not done this in a very long time. once i log in will the tty3 or type that in after logging in

Not a problem.

Can you get to the tty by pressing the above key combination?

If yes, log in to it with your user name and password - it will look very much like an old MSDos session :smiley:

Type each command @philm stated, press enter after each one.

We are all here to help :smiley:

:Edit: TTY stands for teletype terminal.

This may help

your edit is so funny. I wrote my first program in 1963. thousands of programs since then.

but it did work.


xircon fixed it. i apologize. i know you wanted to get the new site out. normally, a person would send a broadcast to all users to log off. do your update and then notify users all is good. this goes for linux and for unix. routine job

now backing up...

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I know, but I do not know your level of experience :smiley:

It was that bit there that made me edit, I thought Hmmmm. Type it in..... better explain just in case :smiley:

I was 2 years old in 1963 :smiley: and will be 56 in 1 hours 10 mins :birthday: :birthday: and I am an old ■■■■■■ :smiley:


@zoner - set up dropbox for your important files. All my scripts and programs are in /home/steve/scripts, which I symlink to dropbox:

ln -s /home/steve/Dropbox/scripts /home/steve/scripts

Happy Birthday! :fireworks::sparkler::tada::sparkler::fireworks:

If your problem is solved mark the post that did so as the solution. :slight_smile:

In other news @philm will henceforth be known as the Magnanimous. :joy:

@grinner Cheers, full of snot, got a chest infection, but hey, I have lived longer than Elvis.


You are still a young boy got a few years on you Ha Ha.

@mandog I know, 11 years till I can retire :cry:

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