Help me install Virtualbox

pacman -S virtualbox

resolving dependencies...
:: There are 11 providers available for VIRTUALBOX-HOST-MODULES:
:: Repository extra

  1. linux316-virtualbox-host-modules 2) linux414-virtualbox-host-modules
  2. linux419-virtualbox-host-modules 4) linux44-virtualbox-host-modules
  3. linux49-virtualbox-host-modules 6) linux51-virtualbox-host-modules
  4. linux52-virtualbox-host-modules 8) linux53-virtualbox-host-modules
    :: Repository community
  5. linux419-rt-virtualbox-host-modules 10) linux52-rt-virtualbox-host-modules
  6. virtualbox-host-dkms

Enter a number (default=1):

I am confused. Which one should I choose ?

The one for the kernel you're running.

uname -r Will show you which kernel you have.

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uname -r


Still need your help in choosing. Cant figure this out myself.

Also, read the wiki. It has good info there.

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You should install the one matching your kernel - use the output of below command - you can probably see the logic.

  • linux419
  • linux51
  • linux52
  • linux53

~ >>> uname -r


Installation is complete.
I have a Virtualbox VM (Lubuntu 18.04) already present in my /home/username.
How do I open it with Virtualbox ?
Never done this before.

Click Machine at the top, then click + Add


Found it but when I try to boot the Lubuntu VM I get the following :

Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)

The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver is either not loaded or not set up correctly. Please try setting it up again by executing


as root.

If your system has EFI Secure Boot enabled you may also need to sign the kernel modules (vboxdrv, vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp, vboxpci) before you can load them. Please see your Linux system's documentation for more information.

where: suplibOsInit what: 3 VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (-1908) - The support driver is not installed. On linux, open returned ENOENT.

This is already mentioned in the linked Wiki/Forum threads. Reboot your system or run

sudo vboxreload

Just rebooted and everything is okay now.

Thanks everyone.

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