Help me with kernel panic in manjaro xfce

Hello there, I was using manjaro xfce from few weeks. Recently I met with kernel panic.
I was doing a software update and unfortunately I pc got power cut. Then its not booting and stacked. I was trying to fix it up from Google solutions. Now I'm really frustrated because its my working pc. Is there a newbie way to fix it?

What happens when you boot?
Do you see the boot loader? The grub menu?
Does it start some services and then fails?

Some more info would be helpful

Updated. I see this. I tried fallback from advance options. No result same ■■■■■ Tried to live boot. But this happans FB_IMG_1548170141244


Booting a live CD should always work.
If that does not work it has nothing to do with your (broken) installation but with something else.

Did you change anything in the BIOS?
Can you try a different boot media? A newly created CD, etc.?

What kind of hardware is that?

Nah I didn't change anything in bIOS. Cause I forgot its password already. :expressionless:
I can try to use a new media but not today. Its already deep night here. And I don't even have another pc.

Its a dual core processor with amd 6310 graphic and 4GB of ddr3 ram.

Is there anything I can do with grub command line?

Yes. Edit linux line, add 3 at the end and boot to TTY to complete the update. More info here.
You may need to repair pacman lock or else. If so, post your errors.

Nothing happened!
Edited line and booted. Stacked at the same line as first picture.

What would I do now :frowning:
Its not even live booting, line edit not working. Nothing :frowning:

Now try to chroot to the installation to update.

Then, if it also fails, you have to re-install. Unless you have a backup (timeshift, clonezilla or other..)

To do a chroot update I have to run a live boot first. Right? But I cant run live boot. Already told that.

Ok, I cant live boot from manjaro burned dvd. but successfully live booted from linux mint dvd. is there anything i can do with that?

That's not good..

Either create a new Manjaro media, or repair grub as in tutorial, use the method, doesn't matter ISO distro

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