Help me with Manjaro Architect

Hello everyone! I'm not very expirenced Linux user but I've tried many systems from Mint to FreeBSD. I want to move from Win to Linux and recently I decided to check what's new in Linux world again. I found Deepin but decided to not use it coz as I've heard its repositories are in China and it will take too long to download soft etc. So I started google and found UbuntuDDE but it is too buggy for me at the moment and then I found manjaro. Unfortunatelly I didn't find where to download ready-to-use distro with DDE so I decided to install Architect and Deepin DE on top of it. It was a bit hard in the begining but then I sorted it out but I have 2 problems that stops me from moving to that wonderful system: (btw I'm using kernel 5.6)

  1. In the architect installer when I choose Nvidia proprietary driver it downloaded and started to install and at some moment my display went black like no singnal was coming from my video card. So i reinstalled it and decided to install drivers after system installation complete with chroot. Same result it went black and nothing else. After that I reinstalled the system with free drivers and it runs ok. But then i faced second problem
  2. I have my wi-fi router in the coridor and I am not able to use wire to connect it with my PC so I use old cell phone Xiaomi as USB modem - it connects to wi-fi router then cell phone connects to PC with usb cable and I have my internet. It works good with Win 10 and Ubuntu but it no luck with manjaro - internet doesn't work at all and main problem here that I can't install anything new coz no internetn. Probably I need to chose any additional package in architect installer? I dont understand why internet doesnt work coz it works perfectly in architect installer.

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