HELP, New user/Dual Boot Problem

yes there is a option in the grub menu (the green menu with a 10s cooldown during the startup) where you can choose which system to boot. Usually Manjaro is the first option but your windows should be seen there as 3rd I believe.
Switch back to legacy boot and try again.

Windows and Manjaro will need to be installed in the same mode if you want grub to boot both.

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I think i understand. But my computer couldn't find the file in uefi. And it could in legacy mode. Why is that ?

Maybe your download was corrupted, have you checked the checksum? If your Windows is installed in UEFI mode it should be possible to boot an USB stick in UEFI mode if your settings are correct in the firmware.

Ill try that, but so far in legacy mode. It just starts manjaro. No option to choose wich system i want. ?

As @10yearslate explained this won't work. Manjaro and Windoze must be installed in the same mode to boot Windoze using the grub boot menu. Best available tutorial for dual boot:

Maybe there something in the settings from Rufus or anything like that. My windows system is by default in Uefi mode. But the main question is now i have 2 types of software on 2 partitions. How do i fix it ?

If you want a good solution try to re-install Manjaro in UEFI mode using the guide I posted.

Before deleting the current Manjaro version (in legacy mode installed) - you can use it to burn the ISO to an USB stick using dd command or etcher.


Allright i will do that! Thank you for your quick response. Its probably a dumb question for someone with experience of the software.

If i reinstall: what happens to the current installation / space on my hard drive ? Or is there an option to wipe that with the reinstall ?

I would use it first to prepare the USB stick.

(Switch off safeboot in the firmware and all hibernation settings from Windoze first, if not done already).

Then boot using the live USB stick in UEFI mode from your firmware. Use Gparted to reformat your disk as explained in the guide and reformat your legacy partition. All this could be done also in the installer Calamares, but I would recommend to do this upfront and only assign the already prepared partitions in the installer.

As a minimum you need the / partition, if you assign the existing EFI partition.

You can use the existing Windoze EFI partition or create a new one, both works. Only one is active at any time. Namely the one marked with the boot flag.

Very good! So what you are saying is to reformat the disk before re installing the fresh installation from the USB, right ?

Maybe not needed, best would be first to share your disk configuration with us by entering these commands in a terminal:

sudo fdisk -l
lsblk -f

One general comment: Make sure you have backed-up all valuable data before starting any installation work.

General comment makes sense, thanks! This laptop is set back to factory settings with everything wiped. Also (but thats for another problem later it has a broken graphics card but the integrated hd4600 works just fine)

Since i tried to fix as much settings a listed in the tutorial i already set it back to UEFI. so i hope someone could help me with this screenshot ? before i wipe my Windows :stuck_out_tongue:
Disks linuxnewby

  1. Partition 2 seems to be your EFI partition of Windoze. Don't wipe, can be used for Manjaro's grub.
  2. The 230 GB "Acer" partition seems to be your Windoze partition - don't touch.
  3. Partition 6 seems to be available for Manjaro but it should be formatted in ext4 without EFI flag. It's unclear if even used as EFI instead of partition 2.

From the above it is not clear what EFI partition is in use, you need to find out first. This you need to find out from within Windoze.

thanks alot! so far steps are easy to follow.
I've managed to format the disk partition 6. (after i was sure it's empty not Windows 1)

Just another question, why format that partition into ext4 ? (i probably need to download some kind of program to do that)

For now, the 'joy' of Windows will keep me busy with the disk clean. It takes alot of time!

All can be done from within the installer Calamares when you have booted the live ISO. So, if you prefer not to prepare the partitions upfront - this is totally fine.

Upfront formatting would be possible when the partition program (e.g. Gparted) is on the live ISO. It only would mean you do the partitioning before starting the installer. In your case with only one partition to be needed to be formatted it does not matter much.

Only, make sure not to format/wipe accidently any other partition.

excellent, if that works it's totally fine for me. Than i'll just wait for everything in windows to finish up and just go with the flow in Linux to fix everything else.

Yes, i'll have to be carefull before i only have linux and format every other recovery.
I'll reply to this as soon as i know more!
Anyways i appreciate the help!

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Hi Sir,
I've successfully installed Windows/Manjaro Dualboot with the option to change to Windows, but Manjaro as default.
Final question as you can tell i've send the picture from Gparted. Is it done correctly with the partitions ?

Regards and many thank you's! ,

Disk information


Congratulations, looks good to me.

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