Help (re)Installing GRUB

Hi all!
I dual boot with windows 10, and recently I booted windows to play some games and evidently there was a BIOS update I couldn't (or couldn't figure out how to) stop. I can no longer boot into my Manjaro partition, and the dual boot screen doesn't show up. Do I need to reinstall GRUB? If so, how do I do it?

Some more info:
I have two drives: an SSD and an HDD. Windows boots from the SSD. As far as a I know, so does Manjaro even though my Manjaro partition is on the HDD. I also do not know if it is EFI or UEFI or BIOS or whatever.
I DO have a boot USB for Manjaro.

Any help is appreciated; I'd really prefer not to reinstall manjaro completely (again) considering I just recently was able to get all my configurations back to how I like them. And I also can't really access the drive with my data on it.

Thanks ya'll.

Use this.

First check if windows is in uefi or bios-legacy . search some websites to make sure.
Your Manjaro must be in the same mode.
Start up that grub menu in my link in same mode.
If uefi, remember to do the 2 [Additional UEFI Commands].
If still need help, print out output as stated.

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