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I'm back after a 2 months today, my harddrive broke down amid lockdown due to which I lost my manjaro deepin 15.11 installation.
Today when I updated my installation(18.0.1 Manjaro deepin iso lying around from last year),It got updated to version 20(too buggy and not visually fit for me), Is their any way to update to 15.11 or anyone have some iso for installation.

The short answer is, you can't run the old version of deepin anymore. It isn't in the repos.

Even if you had the old deepin packages, they wouldn't work for long because they are built against old libraries.

If you want to keep deepin v15 running, you would need to compile and build it on your own.

I am pretty sure nobody is happy with the current state of deepin, but there isn't much that can be done.

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It appears that Manjaro Deepin is on hold at the moment. You may need to find a new edition.

Ya, but still I can use my system with 15.11 as a LTS for next 6-10 months, without updating, while deepin 20 is fixed
I dont want to go back to debian, ubuntu because of addinh repos/ppa for every third party tool

Manjaro does not have LTS's...

You would have to update nothing at all. You also wouldn't be able to install any software. Since the stuff isn't in the repos anymore, the best you could get would be to take the most recent ISO that had Deepin and stay at that version.

Also, the assumption that DDE 20 is going to be "fixed" is probably flawed. The things that are true bugs may get resolved but most of those aren't game breakers even today. It seems pretty clear that DDE is going in a slightly different direction with DDE 20 so if you don't like the direction I am not sure waiting is going to help.

Lastly, if you did a straight upgrade, you may not have pulled in the package deepin-kwin. If you were still running on deepin-wm, there are a lot more bugs.

I would give you strongest advice to either give DDE 20 a longer trial run or switch to a different DE.

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Makes sense man, Very helful.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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