Help! Unable to boot after last update! laptop - 03/11/2017


After the most recent update (Nov. 4th), my system no longer boots. I have the exact same problem as another user just recenly posted on here. (See topic: Help with broken boot: Mount Can't Find UUID).

Here is an image of what happens when I try to boot:

I've followed the advice of gohlip from the other thread about chrooting in from the livecd, but when I get to the last step:

chroot /mnt

I get the following error:

/bin/bash: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This is the exact same error I had while doing the system update. After I had gotten this error originally I had to do a hard reboot because it wouldn't let me quit out of Octopi. After the reboot I then got the unable to find the UUID error.

Please someone if you know how I can fix this please reply. I've been using Manjaro since January and have never had anything like this happen before.

Thanks in advance!

I have got the same libtinfo error! Please, help!

restart with USB key install
open terminal
manjaro-chroot -a

then you DOWNGRADE libinput
may be you need install downgrade before
pacman -S downgrade

not forget exit to leave chroot
before reboot

/use/lib/ is included into ncurses package. Does anybody know another possible reasons the lib is not found?

Have booted from the last KDE iso. Copied /usr/lib/ to /mnt/usr/lib. Created there appropriate two links the same way it is in original source. chroot does work. On system update have used --force flag to overwrite those manually copied files.
(I'm that student976 - was forced to create new account).


Hi student975 which two links did you create, and how did you create them?

cp /usr/lib/ /mnt/usr/lib

where /mnt is your future chroot dir.

cd /mnt/usr/lib
ln -s
ln -s

You can view all these files/links in source as a pattern:

ls -als /usr/lib/libtinfo*

(have wrote just by memory, typos are possible)

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the structure is like that: -> ->

To get them mount your Manjaro on /mnt and:

sudo cp /usr/lib/* /mnt/usr/lib/

no need to create symbolic links if you can copy them.

Thanks guys I'll try this! I was just getting ready to to a complete reinstall haha

Ok I'm getting a no such file or directory error when I try and copy over* from /usr/lib/

I just checked there is no libtinfo* in my /usr/lib directory?

I'm using the 17.0.5 iso (the previous from latest one)... Could this be the reason?

No. You should at least have them even other versions, so no.
Are you sure you did not have a typo wrongly?
If you can, please copy here the command and output from terminal.

I guess - probably yes, it can be the reason, as far as April ncurses version doesn't contain these libs. The last official KDE iso definitely contains them.

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