Help with configuring Oracle Virtualbox in Mate

I have spent hours and lots of searching and trying to find out how to totally install Oracle Virtualbox and create a Windows 7 VB.

I have VM installed, I think have the extensions pack installed since it will let me select USB 2.0

I can not install the Guest Additions which means it won't resize the screen properly. I select install guest additions and chose the .iso file, but it does not run.

Not casting dispersions, but I had it running in Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 so I know how it should behave.

Thanks for the help, Fred

I usually install the package virtualbox-guest-iso

This puts the iso file in /usr/lib/virtualbox/additions/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

Then I insert the iso in the virtual cd and install it from within the windows guest.

I found the file there and it compares to the one the one I was trying to use.
Using it did not help.

The problem might be that I don't have the extensions installed since I can not select a USB. It shows them, but when I try to select it, it fails. I was mistaken before.

How did you install the extensions pack?

Here is a screen shot of what is installed:

Did you install the virtualbox host modules for your kernel?

I am using kernel 4.14 so I have the package linux414-virtualbox-host-modules installed.

Where/how do you do that?

From here?

Sorry, I'm really green....

Search for "linux virtualbox host" and pick the one that matches your kernel version


I did that and then it accepted the guest additions iso, so now the screen resizes properly. But I still can't access a USB. Below are two screen shots:


The SanDisk is plugged in to the computer and Mate recognizes it.

Here is the error message from VB when I try to set enable it:


You are so close to me to getting me there.

Thanks for all the help, Fred

Did you add your user to vboxusers group?

Good question.
Did that with a terminal command "sudo gpasswd -a fred vboxusers"
But how do I check it to prove it?

Did you look in the Manjaro wiki?

It is a bit old but everything you need to know is there.

Install virtualbox package, virtualbox host kernel extramodules, virtualbox guest iso package, add user to vboxusers group, reboot.

You can also add the virtualbox-ext-oracle package from AUR, which provides better USB support and other goodies ...

Thanks, that was the proof I was looking for, other than the visual proof.

I went to the great tutorial you provided and have two question.

" You may need to configure your USB to USB-3 if you have such controller. This is done in the USB Settings menu item.

:no_entry: Don’t transfer your mouse or keyboard.
:no_entry: Don’t add filters for your USB devices."

In the Oracle manual they say for a Windows VM only use up to USB2 I'm pretty sure. Why don't you agree? BTW I have two USB3 ports on my Lenovo G780.

Also I think they said you need filters. You say no, why?

I just moved from Ubuntu MATE and it worked fine using filters. I'm adjusting to things being different in Manjaro, is this why you say go the other way?

Should I back out this install and follow your tutorial all the way or can I "repair" it somehow?

Thanks so much for the reply and the tutorial, Fred

If you plan on using your USB 3 ports to transfer USB to the VM then you need to configure the controller as USB 3 - The system cannot communicate with a USB 3 controller unless it is defined as such.

Filters tend to confuse and you don't need filters - just use the mentioned methods to attach the USB stick when required and use eject from the guest system.

If you insert an USB and you have a filter defined - it will be immediately attached to the VM - and in case you didn't want that - you have the confusion.

The settings can always be changed when the VM is shutdown. You can do it exactly as you want to :slight_smile: so feel free to do it your way. Experiment with it and find the way that works for you.

And most importantly - have fun... And when something acts weird jump back to the tutorial :slight_smile:

The tutorial is by no means meant as it is the only way. It is a translation of a Danish tutorial I made for the local community - one guy specifically which has been confused by the VirtualBox website.

He attached his mouse to the VM and every thing went haywire. He also added filters and could not understand why the usb was not visible in his Linux system. In fact he fumbled so much with it I had to bend it in neon before he understood what was going on :slight_smile:

He even tried to install drivers for the basic USB in his Windows VM. He was very persistent and kept explaining me it was absolutely necessary - until I convinced him to insert the VirtualBox Guest Utils and install them. Then it worked.

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