[Hetzner Server]: HCloud + ArchLinux

My Hetzner Server Setup:

HCloud CX11

OS and Services / Applications:
ArchLinux (with LTS Kernel, Pamac for AURs
like timeshift & timeshift-autosnap)

Docker + NextCloud as Docker Container

What do you use the server for and how did you set it up?

The cx11 instance only offers ubuntu, fedora, debian and centos.

How did you manage to get Arch installed?

I am currently using a linode nano instance because they had an Arch image to load from.


Simple for File Storing and sharing with friends :wink:

Basic Arch Linux install

Have set it up with the Rescue Linux > issue installimage selected Arch Linux (inside the Rescue System it is available to install)
I leaved the config as it is only changed the Hostname.

Installation is automatically reboot.

Arch Linux boots;

Setup and Security config:

Setup a user with non sudo rights
Change password
change port for ssh installed firewall
and last step removed stable kernel install lts.

And the application the I have wrote before Docker + Next Cloud as a Docker Container

But Manjaro would be nicer on this :wink: :smiley: in case of stability

A Syslog Server will be also added

I had to test it - it is a little cheaper than a linode so.

It is easy to install Arch - there is no manjaro images but it is extremely easy to convert a barebone Arch to Manjaro.

I just couldn't get it to boot.

I think I stay with the Linode instance for now. A Linode instance can be in a EU datacenter. The instance I use is in a German datacenter.

When you have created the server instance

  • select the server
  • then select ISO IMAGES
  • select latest Arch iso and click MOUNT
  • power the server down (upper right - ignore warning on dataloss)
  • power on the server
  • click the CLI icon (upper right next to POWER)
  • partition
  • mount
  • pacstrap
  • chroot
  • configure
  • reboot
  • secure ssh
  • install firewall
  • configure firewall
  • install webserver
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How? :slight_smile:

Reasonable easy :slight_smile:

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Finally - I got it booting - had to dust off the bios boot grub install.

Now my mirror server is acting up - busy day :slight_smile:

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Won’t work Manjaro Keyring can’t be installed
Same on other packages Signature issue

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