Hidden features in manjaro-architect

Recently there have been some changes that the community has expressed desire to opt out of (snap, freeoffice). Since it seems it is not common knowledge, here are some tips to using manjaro-architect:

  1. You can add packages to manjaro editions.

After selecting the desktop, you can add any Packages from the repos.

  1. You can remove packages from manjaro editions.

If you chose to add packages (even if you don't actually add anything), you will be presented with a package list to edit. Just navigate to snap/freeoffice/anything you want and press ctrl+k to remove the offending line.

  1. You can install without desktop

Currently the base system installation menu seems to be broken, but you can install the minimal base system simply by not selecting a desktop in the desktop installation.

For an example, easy vanilla gnome installation: don't choose desktop, add gnome and gnome-extra as custom packages. Enable gdm, done. Xfce is just as easy.

Another example, non proprietary xfce edition: choose xfce, add libreoffice, remove snap, freeoffice, steam, gnome-software-snap.


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this is an announcement thread, not general discussion. the OP gives users an option that avoids having to install with the added crapware as of late, it's not however trying to justify and argument should be made elsewhere. architect is a great tool that's really not all that hard to use, especially if you already created the partitions before you even get started.


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Thank you for the information. Manjaro Architect is my "go to" way to install Manjaro. I have added the information to my journal so I remember them the next time I do an install.


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