Hide anaconda-navigator when I launch Spyder on i3wm

Hi all !

I just started with Manjaro i3wm Community Edition yesterday and I'm fixing some bugs and configuring this. I use anaconda-navigator (for Spyder), then I created a shortcut (by adding bindsym $mod+p exec anaconda-navigator to the i3 config file).

Now I have a little trouble : when I launch Spyder, is there a way to hide anaconda-navigator ? I mean a fast or automatic method. For the moment the only solution I found is to move it to another workspace... But I don't really like it :sweat_smile:

If you have any idea, feel free to expose it here :smiley:

Thanks and have a good day !

Ok I reply to myself with a nooby answer for a nooby question : just launch spyder.

I created a symlink as follows : ln -s ~/anaconda3/bin/spyder ~/.local/bin/spyder
And then added bindsym $mod+p exec spyder to the i3 config file

That's all. Sorry for that post, I'm here to learn :slight_smile:

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