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So this may be a odd request, but I need a way to hide that I am on a Linux machine from a specific website, namely vudu.com They do not support Linux machines but I have strong evidence to believe if I mask my Linux OS and make them believe I am on a windows or mac it will work fine. I think I may be able to do something within the Firefox "about:config" area but I could also be way off, hopefully someone has more incite.

The Reason: I recently did a full switch from windows to all Linux machines (I have over 7 now)... anyway I paid for movies on vudu when I had a windows machine for my media and game machine but after making the full switch I don't even want to return to windows at all (Linux Rocks!!) but I would like my digital videos to work. After all I did buy them and they are mine but vudu won't work with me ugh, so after a lot of back and forth with them and web searching it turns out it is a lack of support from vudu and I believe they literally have a script against Linux exclusively. I have no clue why they would do such a thing maybe to prevent downloads? IDK anyway no matter what browser I use I get the same results and after lots of messing around it is down to tricking them into thinking I'm on a windows OS.

It may not fix it but is so worth a try, so if you know how to do it please enlighten me.


you want to modify your user agent. you can set an override for a specific domain. search in about:config for useragent, there should be some examples already set

interesting this is what I get for options...


Can also try this.
I haven't messed with it but it might make things a bit easier.


Holy crap... it worked! at least for standard definition, I,ll try some other os options it has to see if I can get hd or uhd working thanks SinisterBrain! I'll keep this open to while I test and just in case someone has a way to make it do that for a specific site only. I kinda like sites knowing I'm on Linux for several reasons just not vudu lol.


Woohoo! :partying_face:

Oops... I think vudu blocked me (hopefully temporary) lol to many attempts I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow. I didn't find any that played hd though dang it. Oh well at least I can watch them again its better than nothing. Perhaps someone else Has a better way to fool them but for now its my best option and at least worked.

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I have to say, it's kind of a dick move blocking linux machines. Are they scared we have cooties or something? Pfft.

Anyway, wish I had a better suggestion. You might just want to do some googling of useragent and vudu and varies like terms to see if anything turns up. Someone out there has had this problem and odds are someone has a hack for it. :wink: White hat of course.

Use Tor browser. :wink:

you could also try wine and install edge for windows 7.

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thats discrimination.

your account may have been banned, or your ip address blacklisted

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most of the streaming services block HD content except for specified OS and browsers. netflix has a browser extension that works (not currently for me) but only for netflix. hulu and prime video are the same way. changing the user agent alone is not enough, it used to be but not anymore.

netflix for example will only play videos over 720p IF your using the chrome browser on chrome os, or the edge browser on windows, (not sure about mac). anyway it's getting more and more restrictive. the one thing i found just recently that works is installing a dev version of the chrome based edge browser via wine.

It should now give a Windows user agent.
Alternatively, use one of the several user agent switch add-ons.

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Well that was worth a shot but no dice... in fact it made it so I couldn't mask it with the user agent app when I turned it back on to test. But hey! at least I'm not blocked any longer, at least for now that is lol.

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