High CPU temperature (85C)

Hey there,

My laptop is running on intel i5 7th gen + 8gig + nvidia. Lately(EDIT- Since the last few days), the temperatures seem to be 80ish even with casual browsing with little multitasking. I've checked sysguard *today and found spotify using 25% of the CPU. I've tried killing it from there but it just wouldn't budge. Finally used killall sigkill from konsole to end the process completely. The temperature then subsided after some time.

I'm concerned because the spotify process was constantly using 25% in the background even though I tried setting it to low priority, open-closed application or turned off internet. I've installed spotify and spotify-adblock from AUR.

have you installed lm_sensors ?

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My solution would be to simply uninstall Spotify from your System if the problem is going to do crap like you just described.

Do you really need the application at all?

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How old is the Laptop? Maybe the cooling system need cleaning out. The Fan/Radiator assembly can accumulate a lot of Fluff and dust!
Check the airflow from the outlet.


Manjaro is not responsible for your dried out thermal paste, your sticky messy disgusting keyboard, and dusty, filthy heat pipes and copper fins.

Install tlpui and set your max processor state to 80, on both AC and battery.


You have a Optimus Laptop and since you have a nvidia,sounds like you are using the nvidia graphics card to render everything on your screen,follow this tutorial to use the intel card and switch between nvidia or intel,the intel card is the 'save power' method so you won't heat very easily because of the nvidia power.


Install thermald.
It never lets the temperature go too high. It helps me.

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No, I haven't installed anything yet. Just measured the temperature with sensors in terminal.

I do use it a lot. I haven't opened spotify since and the laptop is running at 46C now.

Should now try replicating the issue again

Haven't checked the thermal paste but I recently dusted it. And it doesn't heat up all the time though it is turned on for ~16h/day

as @eddier already mentioned, clean the fans and replace the thermal paste first to make sure it is not a mechanical problem. very often the thermal paste is dried at laptops due to the less cooling abilities of a laptop.

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Seems like you own Manjaro; giving out disclaimers that way..

Anyways, thanks a lot for tlpui - I didn't know I needed it but the battery charging cut off(EDIT-Seems like they only work on ThinkPad) and other kernel management options are really helpful.

I hope it is not mechanical.
For the moment,
1- I have installed thermald as suggested by @Nikhil and set it to control thermals.
2- Installed tlpui as said by @woistmeinauto - set CPU governor to powersave and also reduced max performance to 80%.

I remember reading that the hybrid drivers did a solid job of switching between the two as per the use scenario.
As for optimus-manager, I've recently gotten into manjaro and am staying out of anything that involves more than a couple lines of terminal. Thanks again

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You could use a music streaming service that doesn't require you to install a buggy program, but plays through your browser instead.

Pandora perhaps?

My laptop was running OK then suddenly it was overheating, I put a new thermal paste and it is ok again. It looks like every two years it is needed. It is really good, good,good, boom overheating and rebooting.

i use this ... still works fine and made a big diff on my Mac (Mac only )

It was Lenovo, restarting at 86C mac does not care even when cpu is 99C still runs!

it will run for a while but even a mac cant run forever a 99C .. i know :wink:
i know they are built for higher

My Air from 2013 was heavily used around these temps for moths, last two years it has calm life :slight_smile: No more video creations, rendering, playing...

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