home directory sharing - arch and manjaro

no :wink: is a openrc question (replace systemd-homed by openrc-homed ?)

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openrc haters.

asked a simple question in OFF TOPIC about manjaro sharing a home directory with and arch based system that potentially isnt using systemd and you go off all half cocked about it.

And you butchered it besides

Is there even any systemd or openrc stuff in the home dir?

If there is, since each system is configured to use one or the other, I would imagine they may reside in peace. :peace_symbol:

Might be worth a try if you're interested, as long as you have backups and use the same DE. :slight_smile:

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I don’t see how the init system would prevent any distro from mounting a home partition. People dual boot systemd distros with Gentoo (uses RC) and have the same home directory. As long as both distros are set to use that /home I don’t see a problem.


It wasnt meant to be permanent.
It was intended to be a placeholder until you fixed it yourself
(with care taken to mainly use your own words)
If you see that as butchered .. well ..
It wasnt actually very clear in the first place. Notice my posts to that affect in the first place.
And no, it wasnt in 'off-topic' , it was in 'AUR'.

It also had nothing to do with my personal opinion on openrc (or any other init).
Though my opinion about trying to force it into distros made specifically to use systemd still stands.

..what does kdemeoz say? .. oh yeah .. 'ta' with your petulance.



(message seems unlclear says the chat bot software i hate)

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Have not read whatever the history is here, but have asked myself

why have i suddenly been demonised for something in which i've not participated?

I mean, fair suck of the sav, is that a fair cop, guv?

Neither of us could understand it, so she delegated me to ask out loud. She also muttered something about





It seemed an apt use. Not really to do with you - hence I didnt use the @call
In any case it all seems a misunderstanding :slight_smile:


Nah i use Arch, btw...



We use Manjaro btw.

Are you lost? :crazy_face:


Yes. The damn compass needle just spins around & around, then a gust of wind blew the map outta my hands & over the waterfall. Night's closing in & i hear the unmistakable sounds of the yowies & dropbears in the jungle around me, getting ever closer. I hope tha...



How did you get that Rational tag? I think someone should revoke that, post haste!


How will they find me, lost here in the deep jungle?


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To answer your question: Home sharing is never a good idea - that said - there should be no big issues sharing a home folder between systems using different init (e.g. systemd vs. other init).

Decades ago when I started my Linux journey - experiments in my free time - I used to install different desktops and different distributions and I reused the content of my home folder.

Using this approach created issues I - at the time - didn't understand - mostly theming issues. As I started my journey using SuSE - it was early versions of KDE - and that did not add to my understanding of Linux :grin:

I am confident and at home using Manjaro and Arch (I also maintain PacBang ISO pure Arch) but as I am experimenting a lot - which leads to frequent reinstall - and as such I have created a variation over the home sharing.


The :drum: :oil_drum: will find you ...


The data, yes. But all the config stuff will eff-up probably all your systems. So store the data separately, like on another drive/partition and not in your /home directories, and symlink to it.


systemd user services reside in the home directory (.config/systemd/user/).


systemd is everywhere

I was sweeping some more dirt under my rug this morning, as one does, when all of a sudden systemd reached out from under said rug & grabbed my legs then tried to drag me under. I barely got away. It was terrifying. So now when i hear those stealthy nocturnal noises creeping around the house whilst i cower under my doona, i'll know it's that rotten systemd looking for yet more prey. Up til now i had wrongly assumed it was just my ck kernel looking for pot-plants during these long scary nights.


If I were your parrot named Colonel, I'd panic.


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