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I don't know. Pretty hilarious because I see Manjaro logo every day and I didn't notice the difference :laughing: Some times my stupidity takes control along me :sweat_smile:
Thanks for pointing this out I'll fix it tomorrow :slight_smile:

How is this lighting effect made on sphere?
Btw some time ago I found cool tutorials for blender. Maybe you saw them before or you can find something that interest you.

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The sphere is not round, world is hdri picture
two more :wink:
hope tutor4you make more blender 2.80 tuts :wink: but I am more a inkscape lover :smiley:

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Hello there.

Honestly I don't know where to start because there are pretty much of changes from 1.0 to 1.5.2 I think the best way is to check CHANGELOG.

I guess major thing is adaptation pretty much big part of rc.xml file from Manjaro openbox to RecBox rc.xml because it remembers mid 2017s when I was start to mess with openbox. Long story short now RecBox behave like default Manjaro OpenBox. Same thing with menu switching which now have static and dynamic menu. Static is main menu and dynamic is for extra settings. To avoid extra clicking I wrote simple script to automatically execute menu when RecBox Settings or Back item is clicked.

obmenu_static() {
	switchmenu --static
	xdotool key ctrl+space

obmenu_dynamic() {
	switchmenu --dynamic
	xdotool key ctrl+space

Next thing, which I think is pretty cool is I made cheese Dark Mode. Of course, it's don't work like in gnome but it does the job. Script's using xfconf-query to achieve that:

xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Net/ThemeName -s Matcha-dark-sea
xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Net/IconThemeName -s Flat-Remix-Dark

and replacing config files with cp.

rb-dark-mode.sh here

As you can see, side menu is little thicker to fit zenity suspend menu which have changed position and window size. Eye candy stuff (I've added bunch of separators to other menus for better look).


I almost forgot, every button now have obmenu execution under right mouse button (except menu) for wider space to clicking.

To avoid runing cursor on whole desktop I've changed position for zenity progress and info windows and now they're pretending as part of tint panel or notification.


By the way, I've refreshed dunst config file and now volume and brightness notification don't count duplicates and fixed few things, so they're act like usual notifications in DE.

Continuing "scripts" part, rofi screen shot menu now have screenshot with selection like in Manjaro OpenBox.


For last but not least I've refreshed skippy-xd config, changed default theme to Matcha sea and add Manjaro color scheme for ranger.

repo here

More details in CHANGELOG and commits.

Have a good day!
Regards :slight_smile:


Hello there :slight_smile:

This time I'll start with a quote It ain't much but it's honest work.

Last updates brings pretty cool stuff (I guess/hope :grin:):

  • documentation is redesigned and have tons of new bookmarks to provide better searching and look nice for an eye. For example: back to table of contents or direct links to AUR package.

  • there are new packages to install from AUR or manually like ToneLib GFX. Very promising software, don't installed yet because I rely on capturing sound from Amp via microphone but I belive that can replace Guitarix

List and description you can find here: Extra Software

  • config files are updated to work with the newest Flat Remix package (now folder colors can be changed via Appearance)
  • openbox theme colors are refreshed
  • Flat Remix icons for battery, sound volume and brightness are replaced with Material icons


  • I have added enable/disable bluetooth service to RecBox settings (obmenu)
  • RecBox is now using default Manjaro OpenBox compton config. I only changed shadow position.
  • I have added default configs for Nitrogen and new wallpaper
  • zombie "sleep" process after Cancel Suspend is fixed
  • fixed bugs here and there
  • volume and brightness now don't spawn new zenity windows when it's clicked
  • Redshift item in side menu now works like toggle switch
  • Display item now recognize if xfsettingsd is working and execute xfce4-display-settings or ArandR if not.
  • Dark Mode item recognize which mode you're using and fire up proper script
    (of course when I'm saying Redshift, Display and Dark Mode items I mean scripts executed via these items)


If you want to check how these scripts looks check this:

Dark Mode:



  • project wiki on GitLab is updated
  • screenshots in main post are updated

By the way if you're using Firefox you can make your own theme here :slight_smile:

Matcha dark sea share link | TuxDigital - 7 Reasons Why Firefox Is My Favorite Web Browser

Regards and have fun with creating Firefox themes :slight_smile:


New month, time for update!


This month was rough for my brain cells and it looks like I've accidentally learned something.
But let's move on I have more interesting things than my brain cells.

  • I've change a bit backup script for record session backing up. At now before files will be pasted to back up folder, old files will be removed. Don't know how other DAWs working but should be similar, anyway in Ardour there're cleaning options which removes deleted audio files from time line and if you make project cleaning and copy that session to older backup, which contains record history everything will be mixed and Ardour will probably show (not sure but I think that I had that once) you error messages after you restore session from backup. So this option will be safer.
  • Now Daily and Studio Modes can use different audio configs. If you decide to bridge pulseaudio through JACK, Cadence will change audio settings in .asoundrc. It's not problematic on daily use but if you like to use only ALSA or go full pulseaudio, now you can set different configs. Description about configuration can be found in Sysem Setup in documentation or in Wiki.
  • Staying in Cadence subject. Now Cadence session can be load on start. To enable this just uncomment "cadence-session-start..." in .config/openbox/obconfigs/ob-autostart.config.studio file.
  • I've added commands to control audio via PulseAudio to rb-control.sh and improved commands for ALSA. If you want to switch to PulseAudio just comment ALSA and uncomment PulseAudio.


  • Microphone and Volume mute now have different notifications.
  • I've refreshed also polybar configs and made it similar to tint2 panel, so volume/brightness and battery buttons are removed from tint2 and replaced with modules in polybar (tint2 now have auto hiding enabled).
  • Config file for Jgmenu is rewritten for newest version.
  • Side, global and rofi menu now have new design.

  • Suspend options now have extra notifications in rofi and sub side menu. If you choose second time same option, notification pops up.
  • I've added turn on/off Redshift on start, to RecBox Settings.
  • Battery notification now showing battery state and percentage.
  • I've created rofi and zenity scripts for mounting USB devices. Rofi is under Super+m and Zenity is in side menu (Mount). Don't know they are able to mount 4 pendrives at once, but they're able to mount pendrive and external disk with installed system. It's made for terminal file browsers like ranger but it's set to open default file browser so can fire up Thunar if it's default. To unmount devices in rofi, type unmount and hit Enter/Return.

rofi | zenity

  • System backup (TimeShift) item was moved to Tools menu from Desktop.
  • I've add missing colors to links in Extra Software.
  • Window tiling is changed a bit.
  • I've changed a little, color scheme in termite config. Nothing special.
  • I found cool YT channel few days ago (or more), so I've added links to Tutorials pdf. Guy from Airwindows creating own plugins like compressors, reverb etc.


Have fun, Regards!


Another month behind us, so it's time for monthly confession :smiley:


  • tint2 panel now is using Noto Sans Medium fonts (instead of Noto Music) and Material icons
  • desktop numbers in tint2 panel are replaced by Material icons.
  • side menu for polybar is fixed and have same usability as tint2 version
  • polybar modules are re-freshed
  • font for polybar and modules are changed to Noto Sans and for volume, brightness level and battery to Material icons
  • tint2 panels with icons was removed


  • PDF menu now have simple list instead of checklist.
  • side menu have new submenu for screenshots

  • zenity suspend script was removed, no longer needed
  • borders for windows now are enabled
  • borders color in openbox are changed and width is set to 1
  • checkupdates script now displays free disk space output

  • workflow script now displays detailed messages about what is going on

  • rofi and zenity suspend menus are improved
    • when one option was chosen other can't be executed
    • cancel option in rofi menu is back and working properly
  • cmus player executor now display only song and album name. Remaining time takes to much space.


  • I've made some progress with documentation. Every PDF have something new except Realtime Kernel Tuning Tools, at that moment I'm too dummy for this so I don't touch it.


  • from now on, RecBox is using only one terminal emulator. st is faster than termite but don't have scrolling option implemented, which can be problematic when inspecting output in Workflow for example and not everybody can like suckless vision.
  • I've combined Alt+Esc (Lower, FocusToBottom,Unfocus) shortcut with NextWindow option(Alt+W), It's feel kinda weird but working similar to Gnome/Budgie window switch. Under Alt+Q I've set NextWindow shortcut and with combination with Alt+W it gives quite interesting experience.
  • tiling windows to left (Alt+H) and right (Alt+L) now have gaps like i3 and Alt+; maximize window with gaps as well. I don't change default maximize window.
  • font in termite has changed to Noto Sans Mono size 9 and transparency was removed
  • some code cleaning and fix command in Bluetooth item (side menu)
  • now cadence have working properly session-start option on start (disabled by default)

Regards :slight_smile:

Color schemes for cmus, ranger, micro, vim and Xed


where is the iso file?

I don't provide ISO, only way to install RecBox is Manjaro Openbox (full version) installation and fire up recbox-install script :slight_smile:


this just keeps getting better and better with each month

Thank You :hugs:

I this episode (19.09.0):


BTW I push updates every Sunday and use tags. Screenshots in main post are updated.


  • I have added menu to info button as replacement for right/middle click (have in plans to expand it a bit more soon)

  • brightness and volume level zboxes scripts have some improvements
    • clicking button opens/close zbox
    • changing levels works better in general and don't kick CPU like before
  • fix volume level on left and right channel (sometimes when volume was changed to zero, then up left channel don't match right)
  • fix PulseAudio commands in script
  • Dim button is replaced with Turn Off in brightness zbox (works for VGA monitors)
  • spaces between font icons are replaced with empty characters in jgmenus
  • Dark Mode script improved

Theme change is permanent so if you set Dark Mode On in Daily Mode and switch to Studio or Alternative Dark Mode sill will be On. All theme changes are managed via sed command instead of different config files

  • Workflow script improved

Most of the config files was removed and changes will be done via sed commands. I leave only ALSA, GRUB and cpupower to be managed via config files in obconfig directory.

  • tibutts.sh and polybutts.sh are replaced with tint2-buttons.sh and polybar-buttons.sh
  • documentation menu now use normal list instead of checklist
  • added Workspace item to side menu

  • Mount Scripts improved

Now you choose which partition to mount instead of auto mounting everythind plugged.

  • now AUR packages will be installed via pamac-installer instead of pamac-cli in terminal


  • all scripts are moved to right side to emulate side panel (same way as side menu)

  • compton is set to exclude shadows for Rofi
  • added 1px borders
  • menu height is set to fit display (works with different displays, laptop + monitor for exaple)
  • fix Capture Region item

Didn't check how it works with Polybar but for Tint2 Rofi ignores panel, so I made some workaround and leave position and yoffset flags in keybindings. If these are not determined rofi menu appears from top to bottom and cover panel.


  • main menu button now have new design
  • all separators are removed, spaces between are made with horizontal padding
  • system tray icons color is set to match buttons (saturation and contrast options)
  • buttons hover in task bar is set to green
  • added Show Desktop button to panel (Show Desktop item from Desktop menu removed)
  • added Conky item to Desktop menu (same options as in Obmenu)


  • Openbox
    • minimize/iconify have new look and moved to right
  • GTK
    • RecBox now use Matcha Light Sea variant instead of Match Sea


  • dunst notification shadows now are excluded
  • some visual fixes as search box in jgmenu etc
  • fix micro item in Obmenu
  • fix firefox window shadow
  • added gxplugins to installation list in RecBox Center
  • fading (copton/Manjaro compositor) speed up a bit


  • added description how to change themes in RecBox
  • added description how to change RecBox configuration in Workflow scrip

Have a good day/night !
Regards :slight_smile:


muñeca brava? que viene despues, nano? una voz en el telefono? amo y señor? :joy:

btw, wanna use the rofi theme i made? it opens on the side, all you have to do is change colors. or i could do it for you

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Yeah, sure :smiley: I'm really curious what I missed when trying get this to work :slight_smile:

Nah, don't bother I'll make this later. I have something to do now. But if you don't have better things to do I can't stop you :smile:

You are doing a great job :+1:

Thank you @linux-aarhus :hugs: Manjaro forum users are great inspiration and most important, without yours Manjaro Openbox would be hard to progress RB that fast so probably I can say it's team work :slight_smile:

Just installed it, loving the concept. Before I got a proper sound interface I was on Solus and wasnt really happy with the experience in regards to audio production. Tried out Ubuntu Studio, which had everything nicely set up from the get go, but which ran horribly on my computer for some reason or another.

Just a thought, maybe when something isnt installed and you click it in the quick menu, like ardour, it prompts install?

Also, any tips on hidpi and openbox? I have a 4k display.

Anyway, loving what you are doing here!

Some of my bookmarks




Hi :slight_smile:

I'm glad you like it :hugs:

Honestly I forgot about that part. Probably in future I'll do something better with these (or when I temporary run out of ideas :D) but for now you can use it as "minimal installation suggestion" or remove from config file.
At the moment I'm working on mount menu in side bar :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not, I can't even test it cuz I don't have hidpi monitor. Search forum, maybe you find something or ask in OpenBox related post. In general RecBox is Manjaro Openbox under the hood so it will work for both.

Btw When you update RecBox, part of your personal choices like for example items in obmenu will be replaced so you need to choose, clone git repo and use Meld to compare changes or use install option from RecBox installer and then change everything what was changed via script.


Have you posted this to linuxmusicians.com btw? I'm sure they would enjoy it as well!

No, at the moment project is Manjaro forum exclusive :rofl: I think RB will be ready to introduce to larger audience after one more year of work at least. For now is too easy to broke and many things are hard coded (I've trimmed bunch of things, but there is more to do) so it's not newbie friendly enough :slight_smile:
If you had asked me that half year earlier my answer probably was "Yeah! Cool idea brah" but now I'm not that reckless :smiley:

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