Horrible performance with 20.05 on RPi4

I tried the latest version with a xfce dm, it’s still very laggy (especially when you dragging the window around or moving the cursor) even after I flashed it again on a much faster TF card. But it is quite weird since I didn’t face a same situation when I using a KDE dm version.

What kernel are you using.

aarch64 Linux 4.19.127-1-MANJARO-ARM
![SS01|690x287](upload://rGSS01 7k1i2IkSnLzeptVMPtKJwrYK5.png)

And I also noticed that I can't lock the screen. The button made no changes except a very short windows refreshing.

I have tested xfce with the pi4b 8G, pi4b 4G, pi3b+ and the pi3b and not seeing the performance issues talked about. I have no reason to lock the screen so do not know about that.

Was testing my pi4 xfce image today on my pi3b and it still works remarkably well for the brain power the pi3b has:


I noticed that mesa has an upgrade in the repo to mesa-20.1.0-4 so I am going through an upgrade and test it.

Same performance issue here:

  • Manjaro arm 20.06
  • Raspberry 4B 4GB
  • Boot from external SSD USB3 with JMicron Quirks enabled
  • Overclocked to 2GHz
  • Both 4.x and 5.x (rpi-mainline) kernel tested. Same issue on both.

Installing mesa-git does not change anything. Window movement is sluggish but CPU has still enough power.

I have problems to play videos on the latest XFCE4 on RPi4.
1080p dropping frames CPU is 100% all the time. And on youtube 480 is watchable, only. Any suggestions or tweak needed to be done? I have SD class 10.

You could try to set the amount of ram for the gpu into your /boot/config.txt like this


also for playing 4k content you can also add


Thanks will try it. I just want to play 1080p locally or on youtube I have 2k monitor. Maybe to try another player I use mpv.

Did not help I even made a new installation on faster SD card (camera records 4K with no problem on it)
Tried original OS what came with pi4 on their SD card dropping frames in VLC I installed mpv dropping only while resizing windows, playing from same source same video.

I did more tests, KDE is ok XFCE4 edition dropping frames like rain, even when I overclock. Conclusion KDE is much better build then XFCE4.
Tried same video same player, mpv, standard cpu freq and 2000. KDE wins.

This is what some are saying and then some are ok with xfce. I do not have much issues with xfce but thinke KDE has an edge. So I am at a loss why some have serious issues and some don't. My favorite is Mate:


I can not explain it too. I just flashed KDE edition, updated it rebooted and played one video file 1080p. Then I flashed on the same SD card XFCE4 did same update, reboot and play same video.

Solution on XFCE4 turn off compositor!

That seems to work for some and not others although it is a good idea to have it turned off.

A bit unnessacary, but did a new install on kde recently. No issues.

20.06 KDE Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB.

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While xfce4 is being fixed I found using a custom openbox setup with a custom picom conf works a lot better.

you can check out my in progress repo I have made :slight_smile:

Things that need to be fixed
-Notifications aren't currently working properly
-Got to fix the way new windows so they are in focus when opened
-Figure out missing depenadancy that kdenlive added for jqmenu for missing icons

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Thanks! :grin:

I've also got issues with XFCE, but recently I found a fix for it in this thread.

I saw many people sets their mouse polling kernel option to zero, which I don't recommend on Manjaro. I've noticed great performance with values from range 8–4. Higher values makes your mouse less smooth, but on the other hand the os works faster.

Also, setting vblank option to off (rather than glx) in the compositor might also make things work smoothly, but rather that I recommend to turn the compositor off at all if you don't really need it as it gives you better performance than using xfwm compositor.

I will try that and get back to you on how it goes!

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