hot corners for manjaro LXQT

hi, i'm testing Manjaro LXQT and i'm very pleased with it, actually i'm using Manjaro Cinnamon and i want switch but LXQT don't has hot corners, is possible get it in lxqt?

LXQt is build with the Openbox window manager.

You can build the AUR package brightside to have hot corners. (fixed spelling - the link is the correct spelling)

You could change window manager e.g. kwin

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i builded brigthside, that tool is comand line?, i cant see it anywhere , and if i write : " sudo brigthside " only get errors


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sorry, english is not my main language and i'm not using a traduction service,

edit: your say spelling in terminal? , yes i'm wrote BRIGHTSIDE correctly, here i dont used copy past hehe xD

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sudo brigthside will give errors.
sudo brightside may not give errors.

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i'm checked that and was wrote correctly, maybe the problem is in the past i switched a couple times between openbox and kwin and change linux kernel to 4.19, i will go to reinstall

Are you sure sudo brightside is the correct command?

no hehe XD, i never seen brightside before, searching for google i see a gui named : "screen actions", but i cant found after Build brightside, and in the package manager dont exists button "launch" for that, too i cant found in google commands for use brightside, for that i supossed is sudo brightside

I hate hot corners - so I have no experience of the actual usage - just knowing it exist.

But brightside is a user tool

just run


and add brightside to your autorun

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ah! that works perfectly , thanks

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