How add more that one image?

Hello peoples,

I would like to post a topic with more than one image (a image is often more explicit than ten thousand words.

but I receive a forum error "Sorry, new users can only put one image in a post." :worried:

So what is no more considered a new user ?

Maybe a forum/website category will be good (for that kind of topic).

Exactly as it says - you signed up 11 hours ago. You will be able to post more images when youve been around and active and not spamming for a little bit. (therein you see the reason)

Just changed the topic from #uncategorized to #newbies for obvious reasons.

Maybe that is the case in an art forum, but here the output text is more valuable, so any solution might come because of it is based on actual ID or UUID from your machine, not a typed long string from an image.


Also. The forum will favour words instead of pictures if possible. Especially terminal outputs.
Reason is that words are searchable. Pictures/video is not.


@bogdancovaciu , @Strit

Of course it obvious but in certain situation be able to put few (and goodly compressed pictures) can sometimes save times. But for spamming reason I can understand this policy.

May be somewhere in the forum it should be explained... (just a proposal)

And thank you guys for your reactivity :+1:

I strongly agree with you, but others here do not.

Perhaps a sticky in the Newbies section explaining why text output is the preferred method is a good idea. Also, including how to post hardware specs would save a lot of duplication. It gets pretty repetitive having to explain on most help requests how to post inxi -Fxzc0 output with code tags. How and why you should add a solved tag would be another useful bit of info for newbs. Perhaps @jonathon or another mod might consider this as an option to help streamline help requests.

And definitely text over "discussion" videos.


In the Technical Issues and Assistance\drivers category of the forum whemn you want to post a new topic you have a pre filled text with

A useful command is inxi -Fx; format the output using the code </> button.

of course with that newbie will just enter inxi -Fx in the terminal

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The problem is newbies often don't select an appropriate category, they mostly just post in the Newbie section.

That is the appropriate category. :wink: I'm far more forgiving of posts in #newbies and give fuller answers than to posts in other categories.

I'll check the default topic text and see how it can be tweaked.

Edit: tweaked.

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I was meaning Newbies won't see the helpful tips in the tech section because that's not where they generally post.

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Please use one the services which provides an image upload and share the link instead. The server on which the forum is hosted does not have unlimited disk space and images in posts take a lot of disk space and is useless when searching for an issue and the solution.

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Maybe add a link to this tutorial


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