How can i change which graphic card to use on some application ? İntel +Amd

İ would like to be aviable to control my graphic card .

Here you are:


Ty . İ installed Optimus Manager but i cant configure it .

that's because optimus is nvidia only.

you need to tell programs to use the dedicated card with DRI_PRIME=1 %command% where command should be replaced by the program name.

For Steam games, you need to edit each individual games launch parameters in the settings. there you need to keep the %command% in place.

A quick way of checking is comparing
glxinfo |grep Device:
DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo |grep Device:

You can of course edit launchers of programs that you want to run on the dedicated card to read DRI_PRIME=1 COMMAND - but beware that the dedicated card almost always uses more energy, therefore you should only do that when the program really needs that power, like games or video editors or such.

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İ tried this one but its not working .
typed in terminal driconf and it worked.

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