How can I install adapta maia in arch?

Hi, I like the manjaro version of adapta gtk very much. If I'm not wrong in the past I was able to install it in arch also, but currently I'm unable to find an "adapta maia gtk" theme in the aur. Was it renamed? Is it available outside manjaro specific repositories?



You can get the PKGBUILD in Manjaro's Gitlab.

Get the PKGBUILD, make the package with makepkg -s, and install it with pacman -U /path/to/package (or you can use makepkg -si to build the package and install it right after, without calling pacman manually after building the package).

(At first glance, there seems to be no make dependency that is Manjaro-exclusive. You might want to do some cleanup in the optional dependencies though, like removing 'kvantum-manjaro: qt5 engine for adapta'.)

Since it's a GTK theme, installing the prebuilt package in Manjaro might work fine in Arch, but I can't guarantee it. You can get any packages that you want in mirrors, for example The Adapta-Maia theme is in Community.

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If it isnt in the AUR then you should install it manually like you would any other theme
(if it has a makefile or install script use that .. if not, place the folders in the correct directory)
[edit - yes the PKGBUILD method is preferable, assuming it doesnt have manjaro deps... I prefer makepkg options -sric (make, remove unneeded build deps, install, clean)]

Ok, thank you for the answers! I already knew how to build a package from scratch, what I was unaware of was the location of the PKGBUILD itself.

That said, why not contributing it to aur? I think it was there a time ago, am I wrong? It's a good option for vanilla arch users too, specially because the adapta-gtk theme is not maintained anymore since a few months ago.

Please let me point you to my post about an issue of the adapta theme in gnome:

This is true for me in Manjaro Testing but not in Manjaro Stable.

I've found a couple of problems in upstream gtk adapta theme, for example the app icon in the shell top bar is vertically ill aligned. I'm not sure how much of this the maia version fixes. But upstream the theme is stalled since a few months ago and nobody stepped in for maintenance. So maybe Manjaro should move to the rejuvenated adwaita theme or materia theme.

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