How can I make a Linux script.

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask to some gods out here how can I make an executable file to run 2 commands in a row, I'm interested into making some kind of script that can read a QR code with a password using zbarcam, and then taking it to the network manager so I can connect to WiFi networks using QR passwords.

I'm just talking about my final goals, through the process i'm ready to learn and read a lot of things before I make a single keystroke.

command 1
command 2

Also keep in mind that this isn't really a programming forum, and there are plenty of websites out there which provide this sort of information. For example:


Easiest way to learn BASH and scripting imho is this book:



Thanks for the Link
i was looking for that :slight_smile:

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me@mybox$ nano myscript

command1 opts
command2 opts

(save & close)

me@mybox$ chmod +x myscript

tldp = too long; didn't program? :laughing:

For an executable script you really should have a shebang.

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