How can i remove legacy bios boot from installation USB

In other words, how can i create an EFI only installation media?

Why would you need this?

As far as I know, Legacy BIOS boot capability does not have any influence on anything if the system boots in EFI mode.

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For a stupid firmware that has no boot control and always boots legacy BIOS mode first.

And you need EFI because?
Legacy BIOS mode works fine for most things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because i'm just like that sometimes. Can't get it out of my head.


I don't think there's an "option" in the manjaro tools to only create ISO for EFI. So you would have to look through the source for the tools, remove what needs to be removed, rebuild the tools and then create the ISO.

For what needs to be removed, I don't know, but the source is found here:

recheck all option in Bios
recheck last update Bios

and returns

inxi -Fxxxza 
sudo parted -l

I tried altering the iso before, removed boot.img but that still booted in legacy bios mode but resulted in something weird. It gave me the uefi boot from legacy error.

I read a lot of documentation but boot stuff is kind of complicated.

No the computer is not around me atm, i just need to learn this anyways. I think i'll try my luck trying to contact a grub dev.

If your device does not let you disable Legacy Mode, are you sure that your device is actually UEFI based?
What's the device in question?

I don't like dvds so i decided to use hdd for ibstallstion but the bios prefers legacy over efi. I want to do this because in future i could use the experience to install other OS. I don't use this pc often but i decided to make it a test computer so i m going to be installing a dozen more linux distros.

Okay. I found this little bit on this page about Hybrid EFI

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I saw this before i think the author is the developer of rEFInd boot manager.
However, it was of no use to me, i only found boot.img stuff and rebuilt iso without it, as i've already stated in above topic it didn't work as i expected.

So you are saying the post is wrong and your BIOS does not have the options he mentions?

In "Advanced BIOS Features" -> "EFI CD/DVD Boot Option".

I already have managed to install in EFI mode using a dvd lol. I just want to be able to do it using a hard drive as installation media from sata port. But it boots legacy first so i need to destroy what manjaro iso puts on boot sector.

Have you tried using a disk larger than 2 TB? Since that seems like where the firmware "switches" to EFI.

That actually makes sense a lot but i have 2tb max at home.

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