How community members builds community editions?

I am playing with i3 community edition. And, I would like to know how the community members build off this community edition? I am trying to build the same using Arch Linux repositories. I know, I can follow the Arch Wiki, but, there are lots of packages and configurations you need to do so you can come up with such a distribution like community i3 edition.

Manjaro used to create isos with manjaroiso, which I believe was a fork of archiso that is used to build arch linux isos. Currently we use manjaro-tools, which are somewhat different.

To get started with building manjaro isos, I would

  1. read manjaro-tools documentation

  2. build and install manjaro-tools-git

  3. clone repo to your home folder and point your manjaro-tools configuration to use it.

  4. copy one of the existing community profiles (i3) under a different name and modify it to your liking

  5. build the iso with

    buildiso -parvekkeella

  6. ask in the forums if you encounter errors, providing error messages.

The problem you have, is that you want to use the Arch repo's. Manjaro-Tools specificly download from a specific Manjaro Mirror, which as far as I know, is hardcoded into the software.

Thanks. I find it to be what I was expecting for.

Sorry for gravedigging!

Just in case some future reader wants to fiddle around with your instructions, here is the new repo for the ISO profiles:


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