How do I add an SSH identity with passphrase once and forever?


I run the official KDE version of Manjaro and I frequently use git on it (mainly with GitHub via SSH authentification).

Problem is, every time I create a new console session (say, after a reboot), before I can git push, I have to do the following:
eval $(ssh-agent)
after which steps a prompt appears saying
Enter passphrase for /home/andymac/.ssh/id_rsa:
and only after entering it I can use my SSH identity to push, pull, and so on.

Now what I want to achieve is something similar to macOS's
ssh-add -K
as described here. I want to only enter that passphrase once and never ever have to enter it again as long as I keep the same SSH identity.

As far as I understand, the
AddKeysToAgent yes
solution doesn't quite cut it, as with it the identity still won't persist across reboots.

So, what is the best way to achieve what I want, to only enter that passphrase once and never have to enter it again?

As for now this seems to be missing on KDE installations and some manual steps are required, see

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Hmm, but that is not the main issue. I'm fine with manually starting the ssh agent. After all, I can create a script that does just that and add it to autostart, no big deal.

The real problem is that it requires my SSH identity's passphrase again after a reboot, that's what I'm trying to get rid from.

Also, thank you for your input!

Personally I wouldn't, but you could remove the password from your ssh key.
Better to use kde wallet, see

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Use the guide at

I realize the guide is not an answer - I do think the whole reason for having a passphrase is to protect your identity from abuse.

If you store the validation of your identity on the system - to avoid validation - you are crippling your identity.

Personally I use different identities for different services and without passphrase.

This of course weakens the identification but if the keys are kept in an encrypted home or in a an encrypted .ssh folder and unlocked manually then the weakening is theoretic.

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