How do I change the overlay that shows shortcuts on the desktop? (i3 edition)

There's this handy overlay that shows up on the desktop, which lists some shortcuts - open new terminal, kill focused, etc. I've changed a lot of these, and was wondering how I could change this overlay. It's not a part of the desktop photo, and it seems to be the same as the overlay showing the date / ram usage. I'm using the i3 community edition.

Thank you!


Any conky in i3 ?
If yes, ~/.config/conky/conkyrc (Ctrl+H for hidden .config & maybe rename text file before change to keep a working initial's one...)

I don't have a ~/.config/conky, so I assume not. It was the default in the i3 community edition.

So, /etc/conky/conky.conf (with sudo or root files manager for changes)

conky does not exist in /etc.

The files are located in "/usr/share/conky".

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