How do I configure the intel graphics driver?

I have strong performance differences between Manjaro and Windows. Any video playback and browser operation consumes a lot of resources. Although everything is good in games.
Here is a mini example:


On windows, I can watch videos with a resolution of 5k 60fps and not feel any discomfort.
All settings were made using the instructions:

[mikhail@mikhail-pc ~]$ pacman -Qqe | awk '/mesa|xf86-video-intel/'

All settings in the browser are adjusted to the recommendations:


The problem has been around for a long time, but with the advent of a high-resolution monitor, it has become difficult to ignore the problem.

Processor: i5-8265U
Video card: UHD Graphics 620

Please tell me if it is possible to achieve results at least a little similar to the results on Windows! Thank you very much

It is likely that on Windows, video decoding is being offloaded to dedicated hardware and on Linux you are using software decoding.

Which applications are you using to play video? Which DE and browsers are you using?

I use the KDE desktop environment.
As a VLC playback program

Remove it.

Intel works better with the inbuilt modesetting driver.


inxi -G

If modesetting is not mentioned:

sudo pacman -R xf86-video-intel

Reboot, re-test.

The number of fps has increased significantly, but the CPU load is still too high. The video even pauses.
Maybe it's the decoder. Is it possible to change the decoding algorithm?

I tried changing the codec to h264, but there is not much difference.

You need a media player/browser with VAAPI support and probably the appropriate libva libraries.

Firefox has support under Wayland only. There is a build of chromium with vaapi support that is currently in unstable.

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