How do I edit start_conky_maia script in i3?

I removed /usr/share/conky/conky1.10_shortcuts_maia because I didn't want it there but know the other one that shows ram & cpu usage won't start and when I run "start_conky_maia" in the terminal is says conky: cannot open /usr/share/conky/conky1.10_shortcuts_maia: No such file or directory

but like why does is need the shortcuts to start?

Edit: I ran the command whereis to find the script then removed the line that wanted to start the shortcuts. Thanks for the help

create your own conky and put it to /home/name/.config/conky folder
in i3 config create an exec to start it conky -c way to conky
i3 is customizable thru its config, one has to study little bit.

My conky is here Aur-begine August (2020) Screenshots
there are zillion ways how conky can look like and what it can show, everything is configurable in its config it takes some time but then it works, works, works.

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