How do I expand the partition of manjaro?

In my system, I have Mint and Manjaro. Now I don't want Mint, so how do I uninstall it and reclaim the hard disk space for manjaro?

This will probably work for you:

You can do it with the Gparted partition manager. If you post a screenshot of it so we can see your partition layout it would be easier to advise.


Ok, so assuming sda1 is your Mint partition and sda3 is your Manjaro partition.


  1. Load Manjaro from the usb stick or dvd you used to install it with. With Gparted delete sda1 then resize sda3 to include the unallocated space left behind. Since this involves moving your whole Manjaro root folder, it may be risky.

  2. Just delete and reformat sda1 (you can do it in Manjaro, you don't need to boot to a live session), and use it as a storage partition for your files (documents, music, etc). The least complicated and risky option.

  3. Reinstall Manjaro. Either with the erase disk option, which will automatically use up all the harddrive, or with manual partitioning, where you can make your own root, home, swap and bootloader partitions.

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If you go with option 1, I'm pretty sure you are going to need to follow the instructions here: for restoring grub 2 boot loader. Where they say sda5 you will do sda3, also don't worry about step 5 you don't have a separate boot partition. For step 8, you want to do grub-install.

thakx guys, I will definately try these things.

while trying to follow method 1, I noticed that to use gparted on a live usb, the os is asking for password? Is there a way around that?

If you are using the manjaro live CD enter "manjaro" for the password.

You will never ever fill up 230GB with a Linux distro! As an enterprise server maybe. Just reformat the Linux Mint partition and use it as data storage for large files (videos, music, photo collection). Xfs is a good filesystem for mass storage.

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