How do I get my bcm4360 to work?

Finally downloaded Manjaro only to find out my WiFi is nonexistent. I have a TP-Link AC1300, Archer T6E WiFi adapter that plugs into the motherboard. (I just made the PC myself) Anyways, I cant use the disk it comes with to install the drivers because I dont think it works on Linux and I've surfed the web for drivers but I cant find any to get my WiFi to work. Currently I'm just using my phone as a hotspot. Any help is appreciated please...

Try to make a good picture of the output of

inxi -Fxxxz

It looks like it's a Broadcom chip inside.

I don't see the driver in the repos. @Wollie Maybe you'll have better luck?

Broadcom 4352 supposedly.
Oh revision chip 4360

poop Is this good... btw Im an absolute noob at linux.

Oh ya I tried downloading that but when its unzipped or whatever its just a bunch of files I have no idea what they are.

Yeah, you need to pkgbuild it to work right.

It should be in the repos. Looking now.

Wait, first. Type mhwd -la See if it's listed there. Probably not but never know. Or take a pic and we'll look.

If not, try this?
sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms

What am I looking for in the listpoop2

It's LA but little letters. :wink:

Is it that 8th line?

Just type mhwd -la (LA)


Broadcom chip will be tough to get it running, newest fastest AC cards don’t have great Linux support yet. How you connect to the hotspot?

Type mhwd -i --pci network-broadcom-wl

Through data on an IPhone

I see.


Ok, uh... mhwd -i network-broadcom-wl ?


sudo mhwd -i network-broadcom-wl
Eventually I'll get it. Grrr

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