How do I get my bcm4360 to work?

Some 4360 revisions have no working Linux driver. Thanks to Broadcom.

I dont even know what Broadcom is...

Does the network-broadcom-wl work?
Or even sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms?

Or either have a chance? :rofl:


Try it. If it doesn't work you can remove it.

Reboot. Just for giggles.

DKMS driver needs linux-headers

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Ok Il reboot here


sudo pacman -S linux52-headers


sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms



$ sudo depmod -a

after installation.

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@Sinister, you are by far toooo fast for me! :crazy_face:

I'll try to be slower. :wink: ... maybe.


And now you pray to the linux gods. :wink:

systemctl reboot

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poop9 That didnt do anything

just rebooted

Well don't keep us in suspense! :rofl:

Lmao well what do I do now

Untether your phone and try ping

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I think the order of commands was wrong. (By the way don't enter the "$".)

After installing the headers you need the depmod command and reboot. Afterwards, install the drivers. Otherwise you get the install errors as experienced (broadcom-wl was not installed).

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