How do I get my bcm4360 to work?

I won't be very optimistic with BCM4360, other user mentioned slow transfer with these drivers.

It could be that the later kernel support the unit, probably linux52 could do the job.


Yeah, braodcom's can be a pain.

You're probably right.

So I have an old version or something, cause it took me like a few days to even be able to install Manjaro.

And you're already running kernel 5.2.x.

I'm obviously doing the wrong thing here with the broadcom chip.

Wait: TBG is here. HOORAY! Don't hurt me. :sob:

Some 4360 revisions have no working Linux driver. Thanks to Broadcom.

I dont even know what Broadcom is...

Does the network-broadcom-wl work?
Or even sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms?

Or either have a chance? :rofl:


Try it. If it doesn't work you can remove it.

Reboot. Just for giggles.

DKMS driver needs linux-headers

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Ok Il reboot here


sudo pacman -S linux52-headers


sudo pacman -S broadcom-wl-dkms



$ sudo depmod -a

after installation.

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@Sinister, you are by far toooo fast for me! :crazy_face:

I'll try to be slower. :wink: ... maybe.


And now you pray to the linux gods. :wink:

systemctl reboot

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poop9 That didnt do anything

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