How do I install a Brother HL-1222WE printer in Manjaro?

Could someone help me install a Brother HL-1222WE printer in Manjaro? In Linux Mint I was installing it via the Driver Install Tool from here; by extracting it and running script in terminal with sudo bash ~/Downloads/linux-brprinter*, as described here – but it doesn't work in Manjaro, obviously, because the process uses .deb packages. I tried in pamac-manager with the AUR turned on, there is no installer for this model. It would be really wonderful if someone would help.

Hello there!

Does that work? I have a similar printer and it works fine

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what really helped, but it works now. I managed to install this script after all, following this instruction, and also installed HL-1112 packages from AUR recommended by you. Anyway, after the reboot, it started working.

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Anytime there is an update that includes the kernel, firmware, third party kernel modules (drivers), systemd, and/or dbus, etc., any system level update really, a reboot is required. Otherwise, things will stop working properly, like networked devices, usb devices, firewire devices, esata devices, sd card readers, etc., etc..

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