How do I install droidvim?

i wonder if i am allowed to post android vim related questions here ?
i am using droidvim on my phone. wanted to ask if anybody know how to install plugin for droidvim.
all video and info i saw are related to vim, never droidvim. i wonder if what applied to vim also applied on droidvim ?
i can't find any forum for vim.


Put your post in the "Off Topic" category. Then, you'll probably have no questions about that.

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From a 2 second internet search:

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Required - ARM (Android 4.1 and up), x86 (Android 4.3 and up)

If for some reason your device is to old. Get a hold on github link. Or join a android forum. Manjaro can help you if this was related to manjaro.

no, not how to install, but how to install plugin into droidvim..

i don't know any android forum that is open to public...

xda or android central

being to this one.. but they chase out ppl who asks non programming related question

Personally never had this issue in any Q&A sections. Unless you're posting questions in the dev sections, which you shouldn't.

You can always ask the creator of the program. But I don't see anything regarding plugins at all for droidvim, so I do not have any idea what kind of plugin you're talking about.

there are "auto save" plugin... and many more featured plugins.. but i mainly want to try autosave plugin.

Is the plugin for droidvim created by droidvim?

Where are you seeing that there is a plugin that exists? I don't see any indication of plugins for droidvim on GitHub or PlayStore.

Also, you said you're using vimdroid not droidvim but asking about plugins for droidvim? Just wondering because those are 2 different programs.

droidvim is the one i am using. i don't think there is vimdroid.
there are no plugin for droidvim.. hence i asked.
my bro told me learn 1 vim and applied to all. .hence i think maybe what applied to vim also applicable to droidvim . that's why i asked.

Please fix your opening post.

If the developer of the program did not make plugins for their program, then there is no plugin that exists.

Alternatively, install termux and install vim and see if there are plugins for vim. droidvim just runs vim in a terminal it seems anyway.

huh ?? don't understand

this vimdroid sounds like dangerous.. hopefully not backed by china gov. lol

What part of it do you not understand?

droidvim is a program that generates a terminal that runs a ported version of vim or maybe it actually just runs vim itself. You can tell because when you launch the program, it tells you in the notification bar that a terminal session is active.

termux is the most popular terminal program that can install many things. I've even installed Manjaro ARM on my phone using termux.

termux has packages you can install from their repo, vim is one of them. I use nano myself in termux.

I don't use vim myself, but if there are plugins for vim on Linux, then they might be in the repo as well.

You can read more on how to use termux here.

Hacker's Keyboard is great to use for navigating the terminal.

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