How do I install HDA-Jack-Retask?

I just don't know

You need alsa-tools package.

but I don't know what package is HDA-Jack-Retask, unless it's also in alsa-tools, unless it's built into alsa-tools like how it's built into alsa-tools-gui on Ubuntu.

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Updated 2 December 2013

Yup .. thats pretty old.

But it seems that /usr/bin/hdajackretask is part of package alsa-tools
Make sure thats installed and you are done.

(PS - found by pacman -Fx retask)

Finally after couple hours of struggling, writing pointless unworkable commands, i did something,
download program by termenal now i'm feeling like a ■■■■■■■ hacker
and sound works, you saved my night
thank you all

i meant both

The easiest option would have been to just type alsa-tools in your GUI package manager. pamac is the GUI package manage that is preinstalled on all Manjaro editions.

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