How do I install Manjaro on an SSD and other partitions on another HDD?

How do I Install Manjaro OS on A SSD and Manjaro home, and swap and programs on a different HDD and then make my other HDD for video and audio editing, I'm just wondering how to do all this I'm very new to Manjaro, please give me a detailed description thanks :grinning: I'm Guessing that Alot of Partitioning involved Thanks in advance look forward to hearing from you all

Personally I would install the system, that is root, home and swap on the SDD due to its speed. Programs (a vast majority of them at least I believe) will always be installed under you root partition in /usr or /opt . If I am not mistaken flatpak applications are installed under /var. Then I would partition other disks according to your need and mount them at convenient mount-points in the file system.

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Could you give me a detailed description on how to do that :+1:

Have you already made your Manjaro Live usb (installation media)?

Do you have an UEFI or Legacy/bios/mbr system?

Is it going to be a dualboot system with Windows? For dualboot with Windows in UEFI mode, please have a look at

If you already have your live usb, please boot up your system from it. Open a terminal and run the following command one by one and post the terminal output back here. You could do that from the live environment by connecting to your network and log in to the forum.

inxi -Fxz
sudo parted -l
(that is lowercase "L")

I am afraid I have to leave it at that for the moment. It's getting late around here and I need to get some sleep before getting up to go to work. I am sure other forum members will pick up and assist you. The information you provide will help to have an idea about your set-up.

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I don't want dual boot I just want it by it's self

first check that all disks are well recognize under gparted
all have to be set in AHCI mode in bios

if not initialize , do it first with gparted ( for GPT )
for EFI you need
on SSD
/boot/efi ( if you are using windows , only mountpoint * do not create partition *)

on HDD

you will add in
/home/< user >/video a link to /work(video) , this is given as a example
/home/< user >/music a link to /work(sound) , this is also given as example

see this

Thanks for your time and help your explanation was great :blush:

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