How do I Make a (Bootable) Windows ISO?

i searched for Make a Bootable Windows ISO
as a backup a windows partition that I may want to connect later in virtualbox to boot windows.
and found WoeUSB only and in bauh

is this the best way? you like that?

Why not use Rufus?:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Yes WoeUsb is the best choice to create bootable windows usb stick, carry on mate :smile:

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You mention Windows

pamac build woeusb

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sound great! i never heard. slant it. hmmmm. so??? i dont know. maybe use both.

Is that ironic? Do you really mean WoeUsb is the best choice to create a bootable windows usb ISO?

No with linux, my personal choice is always to stick with woe usb for creating bootable windows drive


installing via bau failed.
bau sais:
sudo -S snap install woe-usb

error: snap "woe-usb" is not available on stable but is available to install on Installation logs can be found at "/tmp/bauh/logs/install/snap/woe-usb/1573052399.log"

is there somthing like:

"packman install woe" ?

found in message at top: ```
pamac build woeusb

Problem it not found my HDD drives. ups


pamac builds it and installs it


yes please see my last posteing:

"found in message at top: ```
pamac build woeusb"

but problem with it is:

Problem it not found my HDD drives. ups

what does this actually mean it writes to a USB that you format to NTFS burn the image, then use the image on the USB to install windows

i have many harddrives acess via File Manager. But WoeUSB shows no drives.
1 ich started woeUsb
2 switched to "From a CD/DVD drive"

i hoped its meaning is:

2 switched to "From a CD/DVD/HDD drive"

thats probably the reason :frowning:

i want "Make a Bootable Windows ISO" form a Harddrive (HDD). Then this ISO i will later use in VirtualBox. Probably its possible to use this harddrive directly with VirtualBox. Not the way i first thing on.

I would transfer the ISO to your home holder to write the USB as they often fail to write correctly if you don't. also a reboot may help
Tip when installing Windows it best to remove other drives and make a clean install
Good luck.

there is no ISO. in dont hava a ISO. i want get it. i want convert the HDD to ISO. Now better to understand?

No. You want to change the hdd to ISO, you know what ISO is?
No, then I would first deal with the basics before I try to install operating systems in VM.
Nein, dann würde ich mich erst mal mit den Grundlagen beschäftigen bevor ich versuche Betriebssysteme in einer VM zu installieren.

Try / Versuch es mal im deutschen Forum/Foren

Eigentlich steht ja alles schon im manjaro-wiki oder im Internet oder im Beitrag Nr. 4.
Actually everything is already in the manjaro-wiki or in the internet or in article no. 4.

That's not gonna do it.

Feels like there's a troll or help vampire at work.

you know what ISO is?
i want to save the HDD to iso. i often did that in windows OS about 10000 times.

No, then I would first deal with the basics before I try to install operating systems in VM.
i have already installed and usend about 30 VMs since 2003.

in other words: I searching somthing like:
mkisofs -o destination-filename.iso /home/username/folder-name

??? save or convert ???

Why you ask then after 10.000 times it work?

I am out.

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i never did it with linux. i did ISO stuff with windows.

But I actually did a lot of web searching. But less the forum posts read. Mostly I get posts about the burning of ISOs. If I was so unsuccessful on the first two pages of a search engine I asked here in the forum. Maybe I asked too fast. I was surprised how fast I get answers here. There is a lot of help here. And fast. I did not know if an iso build program is already installed here or not. For several years, I've had more experience with Linux Mint and Ubuntu. Otherwise I knew Linux especially the apt-get komanndo, ls -a, cd, mkdir, rmdir and chmod. Mostly done via FTP or ssh. Just what is typical for web developers. But I rarely had Linux for desktop. By the time Windows XP was still available, Linux was certainly much more stable. Meanwhile Windows is also more stable. And also a bit more comfortable. But that is certainly just a habit. I'm sorry if I got annoyed sometimes. In fact, I find it sometimes harder to get the proper help on Linux over Linux distro than we do for Linux. Because there are so many distros and I have never dealt with it. Unfortunately, installing often works differently. At the time I had installed Redhat in my diploma thesis on a 32GB RAM machine to install an SAP on it, but when it did I did not touch it anymore. It was then addressed from the outside. I try to improve my communication style. I was annoyed that things had planned for you only minutes, took hours. And I do not really have that much time - I think. Well. That's life.
Yes i jumped to german forum, thats easier to me (native speaker): a) Festplatte sichern so das ich diese bei Bedarf später b) in VirtualBox benutzten

Yesterday i have installed it by 'pamac build woeusb'
: How do I Make a (Bootable) Windows ISO?

but it searching only for disks or iso.

today it test again but in no Target device found any place to store (i hit refresh-button)

UPDATE: dont use the REFRESH button use File>Load Dirives

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