How do I resolve a dependency conflict?

I would like to install zenmap from AUR.
There is a dependencies problem:

looking for conflicting AUR packages...
python2-gobject2 and pygobject2-devel are in conflict. Remove pygobject2-devel? [y/N]

I don't know how to evaluate if Y is a safe choice.

python2-gobject2 provides pygobject2-devel, and i don't find the latter neither in the repos nor AUR, so i'd go for it.

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And how can I check if pygobject2-devel is used by any package?
Or it's irrelevant because

And that's mean that if any package needs - pygobject2-devel then it will work with python2-gobject2?

And let say that install will go well.
Is it possible that removing pygobject2-devel will cause harm in the future?


Considering i find no actual package with that name in the repos, keeping it is more likely to cause harm in the future.

One more question. Bit off-topic but it's about zenmap.

After installation in whisker menu (I use xfce) there are two shortcuts for zenmap.
One regular and one: znemap (as root)
Regular runs ok but when I try to launch root version nothing happens.
And during regular version startup there is popup windows with information that some of zenmap options needs root privileges.

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