How do I restore Pinebook Pro with Manjaro KDE installed by default?

I noticed there isn't a Timeshift program with this setup like Manjaro XFCE with another PC I have, so I'm wondering if there is a way to restore the Pinebook pro with Manjaro KDE installed on it by default?

Would I have to reflash the eMMC in there? Or could I flash an image onto an SD card and do it that way?

Thanks in advance!

Here you can find the image that you can install first on an SD card and from there overwrite the eMMC.

I didn't see a separate image with 20.06.
Not sure if the versions have been merged, or that you should stay on 20.04 for the time being.

Use the 20.06 image. 20.04 is too out-of-date and will give you issues when you try to update.

In 20.06 on the SD card you can install manjaro-arm-flasher and get 20.06 on the eMMC that way.

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