How do I type other currency symbols on a US keyboard?

How do I type other currency symbols on a US keyboard such as British Pounds, Euros, etc ?

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Googled and tried that already and this symbol came up "¤".

You do not write that you search, nor what then happens :slight_smile:

Search for the font for € .

Where do I install fonts from?

pamac, pacman, octopi
We know only you use stable,

To type the currency Unicode characters, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+u keyboard combination, then type the Unicode character for the currency and finally Spacebar.

For example for the Euro symbol:
Ctrl+Shift+u + 20ac + Spacebar

A list with various Unicode characters for currency symbols can be found here:


Not saying that's not a good solution, but it might be easier to install one of the small character map programs for inserting strange or rarely used symbols. That would seem handier than memorizing character codes and key combos.


I have no problem with @bill_t receiving the solution but who changed this? I was already marked by the TE



I have no problem with Bill's solution either, I was merely mentioning another alternative solution. I have no idea who switched things.


Error in the system, if I don't get the deletion reported I don't need the entry either. :slight_smile:

Same with flagged posts.

It was @Mystic who changed it.


Although I think that they should reconsider, since what @tbg suggested is a much easier/simpler solution.


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